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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

GMA to put up soundstage in SUBIC

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has begun to fulfill her campaign promises to lift the film industry from the moribund state it has been languishing in.
She has started discussing with industry leaders several project to help them get back on their feet. One project that particularly interests her is the setting up a huge soundstage with state-of-the-art facilities could rent for a minimal fee so they can come up with quality films.
The President had long planned to put up such a soundstage in SUBIC, but she could not find the time for it during her time first three years in Malacanang. Now that she has a full six-year term, the project is sure to take off.
“She has been sounding off the producers on how to start the project,” say Viva boss Vic Del Rosario. “She is also keenly interested in the other pressing problems of the industry. I know that once she sets her heart to it, those problems will be addressed soon.
A self-confessed movie buff, Mrs. Macapagal- Arroyo is also aware of the socio-economic impact of films. “Movies not only are a source of affordable entertainment. They are also a source of employment. I have promised a million jobs for every year of my term. That includes jobs in the showbiz industry,” she says.
The President is also concerned about the revenues lost to film piracy and the need to reduce the amusement tax, which has discouraged small film outfits from increasing their output.
But the soundstage has caught her fancy because it could break the stranglehold of foreign movies in the box office, open more jobs and revive the enthusiasm of the local movie industry.

Saturday, JULY 31, 2004


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