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Friday, February 29, 2008

Clark’s union concerned about CBA deadlock, not Laus ouster

CLARK FREEPORT, Pampanga: Officials of the Clark Development Corp. (CDC) labor union clarified allegations that they were calling for the ouster of Liberato P. Laus as CDC President during two mass actions held on Wednesday here.

Association of Concerned CDC Employees (ACCES) President Carlos Cabrera said that its members’ demonstrations here was intended just to show disappointment for CDC management after the review on the economic provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the union and management was declared a “deadlock.”

Cabrera said “no public statement was made during the mass actions calling for the removal of Mr. Laus as CDC President.”

He added that the rally was just to call the attention of the management for salary adjustment of P4,000 and salary increase of P3,000 per rank and file employee. All in all, the union is asking for a P7,000 salary increase.

Ed Cabug, an ACCES member, also said during their general assembly Thursday that no ouster call against Mr. Laus was publicly announced during the two mass actions that were held.

“The rally was not to call for Mr. Laus’ removal, but just to inform the management of our disappointment on the CBA deadlock,” Tabug said.

The protest actions was to air disappointments over CDC’s expansion of its table of organization, hiring of additional employees, procurement of additional vehicles, benefits given to Job Level 10 and above and expansion of health care benefits of the CDC Board of Directors, while the union’s request was not given attention.

But the CDC vice-president for Operations and Technical Services, Frank Madlangbayan, said that the state-owned firm “may not be able to sustain its operations in the long run if it takes into consideration the labor panel’s proposal considering the potential loss of income from the Mimosa Leisure Estate privatization, the separation of Clark International Airport Corp. from CDC and capital expenditures requirement of Texas Instruments.”

He said that the financial implication of the management proposal is approximately P8.6 million per year while the implication of the proposal to the workers’ union is P66.75 million annually.

Madlangbayan, who is the chairman of the CDC Management Negotiating Panel, said that among the proposals of the management is to give an additional cash gift of P5,000, increase of the P310 on rice allowance and P1,000 salary increase effective January 2008 subject to the approval of the CDC Board.

The CDC management also said that it has been emphasizing their sensitivity to the needs of its employees that’s why CDC has been considered as one of the high-paying state-owned firms in Central Luzon.

Madlangbayan also said that other benefits given every year to the employees are clothing allowance of P8,000 for 2008 with an increase amounting to P500 every year up to 2010; P5,000 cash gift and other bonuses such as 13th and 14th month pay; and hazard pay of P500 to P750 a month depending on the degree of exposure to hazard.

The CDC vice-president added that other privileges being given by CDC to their employees also include health care program coverage for rank and file amounting to P80,000 to the principal and their dependents and life insurance of P650,000 per year on regular employees.
-- Mark Louie P. Roxas - Manila Times

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