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Friday, June 20, 2008

Green group backs bill filed on use of plastic bags

It’s about time Congress pass a law imposing fines on the use of plastic bags in retail outlets, an environmental group said Wednesday.

The EcoWaste Coalition has thrown its support behind House Bill No. 4134, filed by Albay Representative Al Francis Bichara, imposing a small fine on supermarkets, department stores, or convenience stores, and other retailers, that issue plastic bags.

The bill proposes an “environmental levy” of P2.50 per plastic bag issued by the outlets, according to the group.

A 2006 survey showed that 76 percent of the garbage floating in Manila Bay were mostly synthetic plastic materials. By TJ Burgonio - Philippine Daily Inquirer
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Olongapo City will implement its waste segregation scheme next month by distributing new color coded garbage bins and utilizing new compactor trucks, a city-wide info campaign is being undertaken by ESMO. the new garbage bins encourages people to minimize use of plastic bags.
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At Preda we are promoting the use of recycled bags made of old tarpolins, sack cloth and the famous and export quality bags made from used juice pouches. These should be promoted by the City through a "fashion show" or any attraction to popularize the use of such bags when going to the market or grocery. The Preda Fair Trade can provide the bags for promotion purposes. All agencies concerned should be consulted be part of the campaign.

You can see the recycled products that the Preda Fair Trade exports to users in Europe and USA who supports the campaign to protect the environment through recycling. It will be a big leap forward toward "excellence" if Olongapo will be one of the first cities to promote the use of such bags. It is also providing alternative employment to many women as sewers and collectors of reusable materials such as the juice foil pouches. See the products in www.preda.net

The high tech biodegradable plastic bag made of corn starch is still expensive but they are now available. They look exactly and as strong as the the usual plastic bags and milk containers. When exposed to high temperature even under the hot sun, they disintegrate gradually and return to mother nature. When I was in Barcelona I was introduced with this kind of material which I thought would be ideal for disposing garbage and as bags for plant and tree saplings. When planting the trees there will be no need to remove the usual black plastic bag. Just put the tree into the hole on the ground and nature will take its role to disintegrate the bag. That was almost 8 years ago and only now that supermarkets like SM is promoting it and we all should !

If we dont make a campaign this early, the entire Subic Bay will soon become another Manila Bay. Not only full of plastic bags and garbage but with oil spills and industrial debris caused by Hanjin and its support industries like the coal power plant. Lets act to save Subic Bay.

Preda Fair Trade Manager

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