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Monday, July 27, 2009


The Environmental Sanitation and Management Office (ESMO) has renewed calls for cooperation of Olongapeños to support and comply with the new garbage collection system of the city.

Dubbed as the “CR3” or Compose, Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle program, this new system for waste disposal aims to properly segregate the city’s garbage thru the 4,167 garbage bins distributed to the seventeen (17) barangays of Olongapo beginning April 2009.

According to the new waste management system, residuals or garbage that can not be re-used or recycled such as tattered or damaged plastic bags, toys, ballpens, pencils, clothes or rags, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, styrofoam, animal waste, broken or waste pyrex, bottles, mirrors, bulbs and ceramics should be placed in a separate plastic bag and then to the garbage bin.

However, recyclable materials such as dry newspapers , magazines, booklets, brochures, posters, flyers, phone directories, white or colored papers, boxes, cartons, tin/metal/aluminum cans , aluminum foil s, undamaged plastic or glass bottles or empty aerosol containers should not be thrown to the garbage bins but instead be placed in a separate area so that barangay/purok helpers or accredited barangay or government materials recovery facilities will be able to collect and recycle the garbage properly.

Moreover, the ESMO encourages Olongapeños to decompose their bio-degradable wastes such as left-over foods, fruit and vegetable peels and seeds, egg shells, fish wastes and others, if they have available space for composting outside their homes or place them in a separate plastic bag before throwing in the bins.

Aside from advancing the concern for the environment, the CR3 project also promotes the beautification of the city. The 240 (small) -555 (big) liter capacity bins prevent garbage litters outside houses and on the streets while the green uniformity of these bins is in line with the Clean and Green campaign of the city.

On the other hand, Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. is reminding the people of Olongapo that garbage burning is detrimental to the environment and may cause accidental fires and loss of life and properties. “It is also a violation of the law,” Mayor Gordon said referring to R. A 8749 otherwise known as the Clean Air Act (1999).


Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS) Philippines has completed its delivery of around 7,400 two- and four-wheeled mobile garbage bins and seven garbage compactor trucks to the City of Olongapo.

EWS has also finished implementing a source separation informational and educational campaign for the citizens of the Olongapo, as well as completed a mobile garbage bin placement service so that the bins are strategically positioned throughout the city to achieve optimum results.

Olongapo is the first city in the country to implement a citywide containerized system. Said system is already up and working well and the project has been well received by the people.

For more information regarding Olongapo City's campaign to improve its Solid Waste Containerization and Transport System, you can visit their website at:

Below is a picture of one of the bins and trucks delivered to Olongapo City

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