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Sunday, August 02, 2009

World's richest whole food now in Subic

Spirulina is a blue-green microscopic algae that is produced from sunlight and water. There is now a pioneer Spirulina farm in Subic. It is called DLA Naturals and it produces and sells commercially the product.

Spirulina is the world’s richest natural whole food with only “1 kg” of Spirulina having the equivalent food nutritional values of “1,000 kg” of assorted vegetables.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of beta-carotene (pro-vitamin in A) and is 25 times richer than carrots. Unlike the preformed vitamin A of synthetic and fish liver oils, its beta-carotene is completely non-toxic even in mega doses.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of vitamin in B-12. It’s two-six times richer than its nearest rival, raw beef liver. Vitamin in B-12 is practically a synonym for high energy.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of biochelated organic Iron. It’s 58 times richer than raw spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of vitamin E. It’s three times richer than raw wheat germ, and its biological activity is 49 percent greater than synthetic vitamin E.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of antioxidants. It contains a spectrum of practically every natural antioxidant known, including the antioxidant B-1, B-5 and B-6, the minerals zinc, manganese, and copper, the amino acid methionine and the superantioxdinants beta-carotene, vitamin E and the trace element selenium.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) with its oils three times richer than evening primrose. The polyunsaturated oils in spirulina contain 21-29 percent.

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of chlorophyll. It’s 5-30 times richer than alfalfa or wheat grass.

Spirulina is nature’s whole food source of complete high-biological value 60 percent protein, with all the essential and non-essential amino acids present.

From the foregoing, we can see that spirulina, as the healthiest whole food in our planet, can add years to our life.

And now for the diabetics. The medicinal value of the ampalaya, or bitter gourd, has been proven to be effective for the treatment of diabetes.

By mixing the powdered spirulina with the powdered leaves of ampalaya, we have an ideal product for diabetes. This can be in capsule form, 250 mg of spirulina and 250 mg of ampalaya, with two-three capsules with meals recommended for diabetics.

By Domingo Diaz Tapiador - PhilStar

(The author is an 83-year-old UN retiree, with 27 years of service with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, and three years with the World Bank.)

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