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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inroads in 2009: Health, Housing, Education and Environment

As part of Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr.’ s HELPS program, the city government has prioritized health, housing and projects for education as it has always been for the past several years.

Part of the Health initiatives of Mayor Gordon include the establishment of six (6) health centers that provide Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (BEmONC) services at Barangay New Cabalan, Gordon Heights, West Bajac-Bajac, Barretto, New Kababae at Kalaklan. Also, five (5) Philhealth-Accredited health centers now offer out-patient benefit package at New Cabalan, Gordon Heights, West Bajac-Bajac, Sta. Rita and Barretto. Out-patient benefit package includes free consultation, dental check-up, family planning, immunization, laboratory tests and pre-natal care.

Moreover, thru the support of Olongapo First Lady and Zambales Vice-Governor Anne Marie Gordon, Philhealth beneficiaries increased to 127% while the City Health Office reported a successful decrease in Malnutrition Prevalence Rate in children aged 0-5 years old. Tuberculosis cases also declined from 156 in 2009 compared to 166 in 2008. Likewise, animal bite cases dropped from 532 in 2008 to 369 in 2009.

Accordingly, family planning methods (FPM) are now gradually being accepted as 27, 645 individuals were recorded by the City Population Office using FPM.

Improvements at James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital have also been implemented from 2007 to 2009. JLGMH has procured a brand new Ct-Scan Machine with 3D image display function capability and since it has been set-up, the hospital has performed 3,810 examinations. Additional equipment like EGD machine, anesthesia machine, operating table, dermatone, laparoscopic TV camera & video system, UES-40 electrocautery machine, electrohydraulic lithotripsy, choledochofiberscope, video telescope, hand surgery set, basic cardio vascular set, femur bone instrument set, basic forearm instrument set, orthopedic instrument set, urelithotomy set, uterine evacuation set, caesarian section set, abdominal gynecological operation set, dilatation and curettage set, major rectal instrument set, skin graft set, radical mastectomy set, thyroidectomy set, gastro intestinal set, abdominal perineal resections set, colpotomy set, epiotomy or laceration repair set, patient monitor, incubators and autoclave machines were also procured for the development of JLGMH. Thru these equipment, the Operating Room ng JLGMH has performed 10,900 surgical procedures and 51% of these are charity or service cases.

Mayor Gordon has also prioritized the computerization of JLGMH financial systems to ensure the automation of all transactions for fast and accurate billing, reports and delivery of services.

Accordingly, in line with his mission to provide decent but affordable housing units to Olongapeños, Mayor Gordon has initiated the construction of the Bonggapo Homes, with 13o units, many of which have already been turned-over to the first batch of homeowners last November 20, 2009.

In the sector of education, the city supports 422 college scholars, 241 high school scholars and 265 elementary scholars. Moreover, thru Gordon College, the city offers quality but affordable college education. In fact, the said college’s passing rate at the Nursing Licensure Examination increased this year from 56% in 2008 to 65% in 2009. Gordon College also boasts for its 100% passing rate at the Licensure Examination for Teachers and 78% passing rate at the Licensure Examination for Midwives given in 2009. Likewise, Gordon College has also undergone physical improvements such as the rehabilitation of the main building, construction of NSTP building, procurement of 60 computer units for the computer laboratories, rehabilitation of Hotel and Restaurant Management Laboratory and the setting-up of computer units with internet system at the library.

In connection with the over-all condition of education in the city, completion rate at the elementary level increased in 2009 at 103.65 while the repetition rate declined from 1.65 in 2008 to .12 in 2009. On the other hand, graduation rate increased from 96.30 in 2007-2008 to 97.37 in 2008-09 while the drop-out rate in the secondary level decreased from 8.14 to 7.4 in 2009 and as confirmation to the advancing quality of education in the city, Eva Imingan of Nellie Brown Elementary School has been cited as one of the 2009 Ten Most Outstanding Teachers in the country by the Metrobank Foundation for exemplary contribution to education.

Thru the CR3 (Compost, Reduce, Recycle and Re-use) Program, wastes generated by the city decreased at an average of 1o tons per day, from 100-99 tons per day in 2007- 2008 to 90 tons/day in 2009.

“The Olongapo City Government has vigorously campaigned for the C3 or Compost, Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle campaign to manage the city’s waste,” said Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. “ If we segregate our wastes, we are not only helping to keep the city clean and healthy but more importantly, we are in one way or another, fighting climate change. Southeast Asian countries are beginning to feel the effects of climate change. In recent months, the Philippines has been hit by succeeding fierce typhoons, same with Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and the devastations caused by these typhoons are distressing. So in our own little ways, let us help rehabilitate our environment and I am appealing to all Olongapeños to make waste segregation a habit,” said Mayor Gordon.

Thousands of standardized and sturdy garbage bins have also been placed at assigned areas in the 17 barangays for a litter-free waste collection system, safe from stray animals and scavengers.

Moreover, the city government has also recognized the importance of Wildlife Preservation programs thru the implementation of conservation projects for threatened species and thru the monitoring of wildlife farm permit holders. Due to these programs, Olongapo is home to the following wildlife species: Philippine Monkey, Monitor Lizard, Philippine turtle, Wild pigs, Philippine Scops Owl, Philippine Cobra, Philippine Deer, Serpent Eagle, Philippine Reticulated Phyton, Ordinary Parakeet, Dove, Maya, Brahminy Kite, Egret and Sparrows. Accordingly, the city is also conducting coastal marine resources management thru the proper care of mangrove, establishment of marine sanctuaries, tagging and releasing of marine turtles and coastal clean-ups.


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