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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Richard Gordon unrehearsed, to the tune of ‘In the Jungle’

At the start of the campaign period, presidential aspirant Richard Gordon made one thing clear: "I sing but I don't dance."

One month after, the Bagumbayan standard bearer seemed to have reconsidered his statement. Who would have thought that it would only take two popular Filipino Youtube celebrities—Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill—to change his mind?
In a lip-synched video released on Moymoy’s Youtube site, the 64-year-old senator made a surprise appearance as he danced and sang to the tune of “In the Jungle"—showing the public a glimpse into one side of him that most people never got to see earlier.
Uploaded three days ago, the two-minute video instantly became viral, reaching as much as 50,173 views as of Wednesday evening. Its 500 comments—which were a mixture of praises and disappointment—revealed that most of the viewers wanted to see the soft side of the senator, who is better known for his tough staccato style of talking.

One Youtube user, Kidkilatis, exclaimed: "Panalo (Winner)! It really shows his carefree side. 'Yun yata ang hindi kilala ng nakararaming mga Pilipino (That’s probably what most Filipinos don’t see)."

“This is soo cool," said snakeymcviper040794. “The senator, who is a no-nonsense worker, who's usually very serious, deserves this kind of break! It’s refreshing to see his lighter side,.."

Some disagree, however. Like another Youtube user, notnot0128, who says: "A bit corny, but kudos for the effort, Gordon."

On the campaign trail

Popularly known for being curt and straightforward, Gordon has long been perceived as a strict, no-nonsense leader. When attending presidential forums, he often comes across as a disciplinarian who makes sure that everyone is attentive to his speech. He is quick to react to a noisy audience.

In a campus forum in Zambales on March 19, for example, the Bagumbayan presidential bet was distracted thrice by high school girls who were busy chatting and giggling as he lay down his platforms.

He told them: "Miss, if you are having a conversation there, tatahimik muna ako para marinig ko pinag-uusapan niyo diyan (I will keep quiet for now so I can hear what you are talking about)."

But not all students take him sitting down. In Cagayan City two weeks ago, the tough senator had to take a dose of his own pill. (See: Students grill Gordon in Cagayan Colleges Technology forum)

Watch out for the sequel

Meanwhile, Momoy’s manager, Mitch Razote, said her talents came up with the video because they found Gordon as the “most impressive" presidential aspirant. Moymoy and Roadfill, now talent artists of GMA Network, are known for their comic and lip-synched videos uploaded on YouTube.

Aware of the senator’s tough image, the comic duo thought of ways to “show [Gordon’s] other side," she said.

At first feeling intimidated, Razote said her jitters subsided when she saw Gordon all jolly and up for the shoot. “After a while he’ll make you feel relaxed," she said, adding that they were impressed at how the senator quickly adapted to her talents’ gimmick.

Despite his age, she said, they not have a hard time briefing him on what do.

Everything was “impromptu," Razote said, with the video shoot taking only three minutes using Moymoy’s cellphone. Their satisfaction, perhaps, was encapsulated in the video’s caption which read: “Havin[g] fun time! We didn’t know Senator Gordon would be this cool!"

One thing is for sure, said Razote. Her comic duo will “definitely come up with a sequel" to further feature Gordon and his running mate Fernando.—JV, GMANews.TV, AIE BALAGTAS SEE, GMANews.TV

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