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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Six dead in Subic Shipyard as ramp collapsed

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines
theres an accident in keppel subic ship repair facility...as of now 5 dead and 8 injured... from MAYOR JAY KHONGHUN
Thursday at 10:44pm · Like · Comment
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Roselynn Corpuz Pusing awww... tsk!
Thursday at 10:46pm

Vinzralf Fres what happened? send more details...please!
Thursday at 10:47pm

Bong Marquez names please!!
Thursday at 10:48pm

Miguel Balmaceda wth
Thursday at 10:48pm

Ashain Jade Valenzuela Grabe :(
Thursday at 10:50pm ·  1 person

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines a ramp/scaffoldings collapsed and crushed the workers below
Thursday at 10:50pm

Roselynn Corpuz Pusing tsk tsk... tragic... condolences to their families... :(
Thursday at 10:52pm

Bong Marquez http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/10/07/11/4-subic-shipyard-workers-killed-accident
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Thursday at 10:54pm

Vinzralf Fres thanks admin..keep us updated on what is really happening in our city..thanks again.
Thursday at 10:54pm ·  1 person

Richard Losadio Kindly po... Sana ma i post ung mga name ng mga na injured person. Salamat po!
Thursday at 10:55pm

Ofelia Villaflor sana matulungan agad cla ng company...
Thursday at 10:56pm

Gladies De Guzman Medel ‎:(( awts
Thursday at 11:02pm

Ronaldo Chomat ano na nmn yan???!!!!!!!!!
Thursday at 11:11pm

Ronaldo Chomat asan na ba kayo?????
Thursday at 11:12pm

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines Inform daw muna nila next of kins before they release the names. In consideration of the families affected by this tragedy
Thursday at 11:13pm ·  2 people

Ronaldo Chomat bakit d pareho ang mga balita???
Thursday at 11:13pm

Doc Do Little ano klase accident nangyari?
Thursday at 11:16pm

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines We are in a dynamic world. Don't expect news that never changes.... Every minute every second life somewhere is being created and taken away
Thursday at 11:17pm ·  4 people

Doc Do Little calling safety officer ng shipyard
Thursday at 11:19pm

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines Sa Lady of Lourdes hospital daw ay 9 ang injured at may nagtext din na nasa site ng accident... 6 ang sinasabing namatay. Remember these are breaking news and we are just trying to give you info as we get them from the field
Thursday at 11:28pm ·  4 people

Emy Nicolas why at lourdes hospital? bakit hnd sa gordon haspital dinala?
Thursday at 11:58pm

Vivian Atulan- Manzano anong klaseng accident?
Friday at 1:16am

Aubrey Bratinella eto poh ba yung sa DELTA? o sa HANjiN?
Friday at 2:04am

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines Hindi sa hanjin au, sa Subic Shipyard, dating Philseco na binili na ng keppel.
Friday at 4:42am ·  1 person

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines Ayon sa latest report, nasa critical condition ang ilang nasa ospital, lets pray for their recovery. Madami daw naputolan ng kamay at paa sa mga naaksidente dahil naipit sa scaffoldings (mga tubo) ng bumagsak na platform
Friday at 4:47am

Vivian Atulan- Manzano names please!!! good lord prayers for them'
Friday at 4:56am

Aubrey Bratinella my god.. lets pray for them po,,super sad ang news na yan.. i will definitely pray for them..:(
Friday at 4:59am

Ledor Merino because Lourdes hospital is the nearest hospital from keppel shipyard...
Friday at 7:13am

Roger Mendaros Sana mag-hire ang shipyard ng qualified Safety Officer at hindi iyong kunyari graduate lang ng college pero wala namang alam sa implementation ng proper safety procedures o wala pang experience. May website ang U.S.A. OSHA at saka CALOSHA para sa guidelines ng Safety. Doon mag-base para mag-develop ng local safety standards sa Shipyard na iyan. Marami din makukuhang information sa Shipyard Safety sa ibang website, hanapin lang kung saan kukunin. 29 1/2 years ako sa U.S. Shipyard pero hindi ako nakakita ng disgrasya na nangyayari diyan sa Subic. Naiiwasan ang disgrasya kung magaling ang Safety Officers ng Shipyard.Palakulin siya siya kung hindi marunong.
Friday at 7:54am ·  2 people

Doc Do Little ‎@Roger mendaros....100% agree ako sa sinabi mo correct ka dyan.
Friday at 4:33pm


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  • Sabi ko na sa previous messages na yang mga foreign investors are just for PROFITS......
    They don't care about you and me, they don't care if you and me are safe today and tomorrow.
    They just want product results.
    And where's Ministry of Labor rep. and SBMA rep. who sign the agreements, they should be accounted for this......

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2011 9:09 PM  

  • We need experienced Leaders.

    Fired all responsible leaders and file lawsuits for safety violations on this company....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2011 9:13 PM  

  • Lahat tayong SBMA employees, workers ay mag pulong-pulong at pag-usapan nating ang ating SAFETY sa ating mga workstation.

    Le's discover slowly one by one on all four corners of our work areas the possible safety hazards to our health and to others.

    Report,brought this to their attentions, document all discoveries. Report Violations to Min. of Labor, SBMA. All workers should play as a Safety Hazard Detective

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2011 9:23 PM  

  • Work related Deaths and Accidents will happen Again........ It's a matter of WHEN.....

    We, the Workers should everyday THINK about our SAFETY. Speak UP!!
    Report,write things down. Be a Whistleblower.
    Let's Not Be Afraid.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2011 9:34 PM  

  • It is not WORTH to give your LIFE and leave behind the love ones,just by going to work and try to earn an honest living from this kind of employer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/17/2011 1:35 AM  

  • It was the ramp of the ship that fell down on the people workign on the scaffold below. But it is also a wake up call for Hanjin - cos we all know how low the safety standards in Hanjin are. and they don't even inform when someone die in their shipyard.

    @ Emy Nicolas why at lourdes hospital? bakit hnd sa gordon haspital dinala? - Because Lourdes is closest to Keppel (Philseco) and in emergency, the fastest treatment is usually more important than a place which may be a bit better. (Same reason why they did not go to Manila). Also Keppel shipyard have an annual agreement with Lourdes (Hanjin also has such an agreement) for treating all their shipyard workers.

    By Anonymous Eduardo Janito, at 10/17/2011 9:16 AM  

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