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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Through the initiative of Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr., the Disaster Management Office (DMO) will be distributing leaflets indicating safety measures during disaster situations.

Among the safety measures included in the said leaflets are as follow:

During Typhoon/Flood:
·Evacuate to a safer place.
·Harvest crops that are ready to be reaped.
·For places vulnerable to flood, salvage important things/documents.
·Stay home and stay tuned for weather updates.
·Avoid sleeping/leaving with lamps/candles lit.
·Avoid plunging into flood.
·Before leaving, make sure that windows and doors are
closed and electric main switch turned off.
·Secure important appliances to higher places.
·Avoid going to places near the rivers.
·Make sure that there are no live wires or electric outlets submerged into flood/water.
·Report any case of hazardous electric posts.
·Throw away stagnant water in tires, cans, etc. to avoid breeding
of mosquitoes which carry diseases such as dengue and malaria.

During Earthquake:
·Do not panic. Do not be in a hurry to leave the building.
·During tremors, protect yourself by hiding under a sturdy table or go to a safer corner where there are no falling objects. Use your arms to protect your head.
·Stay away from glass windows/things. After the tremors, calmly leave the building. Do not use the elevator.

If Outside:
·Stay away from electric posts or other structures that may collapse.
·If driving, stop the vehicle. Do not try crossing a bridge.
·Stay away from buildings/structures with glass.
·Stay away from mountains. A landslide may occur any moment.
·After the tremors, look around for injured persons
and immediately report it to the rescue/medical team.
· Do not smoke. A gas leak might have took place because of the tremor.
· Do not enter the building right after the tremor. An aftershock might still take place.
· If there are damaged electric/water service lines, turn off the main switch and report to proper authorities.

Safety Precautions to avoid Fire:
·Unplug all electrical appliances before leaving the house.
·Keep away matches, lighter, and gas which might start fire.
·Regularly check your LPG tank for possible leak.
·Do not sleep/leave candles/lamps lit.
·Avoid “octopus connection” in the outlets and extension cords.
·Check your electric lines regularly.
·Secure a fire extinguisher at home.

In Case of Fire:
·Do not try to put out the fire when the smoke has gone thick. Suffocation is hazardous.
· Do not try to return from the burning house. If your clothes caught fire, STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Do not run.

The leaflets likewise include important telephone numbers such as:

•Mayor’s Office - 222-2565
•Disaster Management Office - 224-7846
•Bureau of Fire - 160/223-1415
•Olongapo City Police Office - 117/166
•James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital - 223-7571 to 7575
•Office of Traffic Management - 224-5297
•Police Precinct 1 - 222-3925
•Police Precinct 2 - 224-8512
•Police Precinct 3 - 222-4554
•Police Precinct 4 - 224-8298
•Police Precinct 5 - 223-8134
•Police Precinct 6 - 224-8511

For more information, visit the City Disaster Management Office at Dela Cruz Drive, East Tapinac, Olongapo City.PAO/jpb

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