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Saturday, January 24, 2009


I will have to disagree with Guest SmartBro user... Filipino shipbuilders are world-class and not dumb as claimed.

The problem w/ Hanjin is that they are not providing appropriate safety training to workers hired from the provices.. Hanjin focus too much on production ... neglecting safety in the process

If you will check the 18 fatal accidents in Hanjin-Subic, you will learn that none of those were caused by a worker trained by the Olongapo Skills Training Center...

You can safely deduce therefore that the Safety Training, including motivation and work ethics were properly inculcated at this training center w/c by the way is a TESDA KABALIKAT Awardee

The combined shipyard Knowledge, Skill, Ability and Experience of trainors at Olongapo Training Center is more than 100 years!!! and this represented a zero wasted time injury.

While Hanjin have good safety mannuals... their trainors.... being new to the job.... does not have enough experience and moral ascendancy to impart an effective Safety Training

To conclude, I suggest that Hanjin ensures that their workers undergo a safety training from the Olongapo Skills Training Center... This will not cost them a centavo since its the Leadership of Mayor Bong Gordon and Senator Dick Gordon thru PNRC who provided for the funding.... to ensure that every worker is safe and will be able to return home from work without worry from their family..
By Redlew of OSTC

Jan 24, 2009
SAFETY FIRST I will have to disagree with Guest SmartBro user... Filipino shipbuilders are world-class

2:22 am Jan 24
leakim gordon college took the 2nd place in volleyball event sa nakaraang alculympics... congrats guys...

10:29 pm Jan 23
Guest SmartBro User: How will you educate the people in hanjin if all of them are so dumb to understand safety...

10:27 pm Jan 23
SAFETY FIRST our workers are being killed by mamang incompetent (lack of training) and mr. park greedy (combination of which is deadly)

7:50 pm Jan 23
TheClown intentional to sabotage the operation inside SBMA get them. "full background investigations"

7:13 pm Jan 23
TheClown iisang patern lang. get this "killer out of hanjin" show it to the press and put in jail its not an accident anymore its intentional

7:10 pm Jan 23
TheClown Please get a "background investigations", parang iisang "grupo" ang gumagawa nito at GET THEM ASAP!

7:07 pm Jan 23
chelganda hi regarding the accident in hanjin?sino yung naaccidente, can you name it?thnx..

1:56 pm Jan 23
romy fatal accident in HANJIN!!! 1 dead others seriously injured

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