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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Good news to all Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)!

The Olongapo City Council has unanimously approved Resolution No. 56 (Series of 2008) entitled, “A Resolution Fully Supporting the Implementation and Recognition of the Identification Card for Persons with Disabilities Pursuant to RA 9442.”

RA 9442 is An Act Amending RA 7277 otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Persons with Disability as amended and for other purposes.”

Through the confirmation of the ordinance, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) shall enjoy a 20% discount privileges in the purchase of medicines from drugstores, dental and medical services including diagnostic and laboratory fees in all hospitals and medical facilities and transportation fares in all public utility vehicles nationwide. Likewise, they will enjoy the said discount on services in hotels and similar lodging establishments, restaurants and recreation centers.

“In order to avail of these benefits and privileges, PWDs should present PWD Identification Card duly endorsed by the National Council for the Welfare of the Disabled Persons,” said City Councilor Ellen Dabu, chair of the Committee on Social Services.

Meanwhile, Mayor James Gordon, Jr. recently awarded to the PWDs their office, also called Office of the Persons with Disabilities located at the ground floor of the Olongapo City Hall Complex.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) will be the lead department to facilitate, initiate the production of the IDs.

The resolution also reiterates the prohibition of slanderous and abusive statements against PWDs and doing an activity in public which incites hatred of PWDs and loss of self-esteem of the same.


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  • I am very unclear about this new law. So many businesses only operate with profit margins of 5-7%. How can they offer a 20% discount from gross? For example, if a meal in a restaurant costs 250 pesos, and the profit margin for that restaurant is 25 pesos on that meal; and if 20% discount is offered meaning 50 pesos discount, the restaurant would suffer a 25 peso loss on the transaction. Is that fair? To have the PWD's subsidized in such a manner? It makes much more sense for the government to use tax funds to reimburse businesses should they be required to give these discounts. That way the entire tax base can be used for the costs of giving discounts to the PWD's.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/09/2009 10:34 AM  

  • you know what? i think you have a point there.. to have this law reversed however is going to be an uphill battle, but its doable.

    i think we just have to see how this new law (actually RA 7277 was passed way back in 1992) affect our business. baka naman pwede pagbigyan.

    By Anonymous Jess, at 5/09/2009 11:04 PM  

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