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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ad Congress... Subic Ready

21 things to love about the 21st PAC

(The Philippine Star) Only two words could send a shiver of anticipation through the entire advertising industry: ad congress.

This is it – the year of the Philippine AdvertisingCongress (PAC) and it happens on November 18 to 21 at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. In Here are 21 things in the ad congress you wouldn’t want to miss:

1. The turnover of the 21st PAC’s donation.Proceeds of the 2009 ARAW Awards ticket sales will be formally extended to Baguio City Mayor Peter Rey Bautista, head of the Baguio Chapter of the Red Cross, to aid the rehabilitation of Benguet province.

2. Launching of Brand Aid’s AHON project. An initiative of the Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard), Brand Aid will be a long-term project to help victims of recent and future calamities. It would involve the entire advertising industry in a concerted effort to set up a funding mechanism for recovery.

3. Witnessing the largest PAC trade exhibit. Dubbed “Spectrum”, the trade exhibit features hundreds of booths in the Subic Bay Exhibit and Convention Center with the country’s leading brands showcasing their best products and services. Live performances are set to take place every hour at Spectrum.

4. Experiencing Baguio in Subic. The City of Baguio joins the 21st PAC and brings with it our most beloved pasalubong. A dedicated booth in Spectrum would feature not only Baguio’s best products but also services and attractions unique to the city for the delegates’ enjoyment.

5. Watching a dance showdown of Aetas and Igorots. Baguio’s Igorots are also coming down to visit Subic. They join forces with Olongapo’s Aetas in an opening night dance number to welcome the delegates of the 21st PAC.

6. A chance to win the Ad Congress Photo Contest. In line with the 21st PAC theme “Perspectives: Ano sa tingin mo?” participants of the photo contest are tasked to go around Subic to capture “Pictures of a tragedy? Or images of solidarity? Ano sa tingin mo?” Winners could receive up to P15,000 prize money.

7. Listening to the keynote speech of Fernando Zobel de Ayala. As honorary chairman of the 21st PAC, the president and COO of Ayala Corp., he will present his views on sustainable development. Economic growth is important, he says, but so is family life, intellectual growth, artistic expression and moral and spiritual development.

8. Exploring the Zoobic Safari. Situated in a 50-hectare forest, the Zoobic Safari offers the jungle experience of a lifetime, where wildlife abound and roam free in the their natural habitat.

9. Meeting a futurist. Futurists study possibilities and probabilities, which is very useful in the world of advertising. John Naisbitt is the world’s leading futurist and he comes to the 21st PAC to talk about his international bestseller, Megatrends, among other estimations and predictions.

10. Watching ASAP live. ABS-CBN brings the country’s favorite noontime show to the 21st PAC for a dinner performance. So don’t miss the chance to meet celebrity heartthrobs and sweethearts as they entertain delegates with live song and dance numbers.

11. Going for a Death Cigarette. Brand marketing expert BJ Cunningham must have broken all marketing rules for smokes with his brand called “Death Cigarettes”, but then again, it became so wildly successful that competitors didn’t rest until they shut him down. In the 21st PAC, he shares how challenging the ordinary and sticking to the truth makes for great advertising.

12. Making a difference. The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in today’s society has never been more significant. Expert Mike Schalit presents a model of his award-winning CSR work in South Africa in conjunction with a seminar on global warming. If he did it in South Africa, so too, can a united advertising industry in the Philippines.

13. Joining an exciting group of runners in a 5K marathon. The five-kilometer run is the perfect starting point for greater heights, like a 10K run or maybe even the 42K New York City Marathon. You’ll never know unless you try, right? Besides, proceeds of the event goes to victims of calamity through the Red Cross Benguet Chapter.

14. Learning from marketing gurus. International experts in the field of marketing comes to the 21st PAC to share long years of knowledge and experience.

15. Learning from the best creatives. Top creative minds will inspire the 21st PAC to look at fresh perspectives.

16. Playing billiards with the champs. Whether you like billiards as a hobby or serious player, who wouldn’t want to play with actual champs? And if you actually win, Timex watches and other special prizes are in store for you.

17. Learning to utilize different media. International media experts will share their views not only on new media, but also traditional ones and how best to make them work in advertising.

18. Learning from digital experts. Digital output and presentation is the fastest growing trend in the industry. Find out how to make it work for you.

19. Taking a “Leap of Faith”. A challenge to both mind and body, the Leap of Faith is a relay race which will have players wall climbing, hanging by rope and rappelling. Waiting by the finish line are prizes of an invaluable kind: a sense of achievement and pride for pushing through the challenge.

20. Getting personal with the 2009 ARAW Awards winners. This year’s ARAW Awards has raised the level of competition in the field of advertising excellence with the introduction of effectiveness in its judging criteria. Winners will represent the best of the best in the industry for sure.

21. Finding out the conclusion of the 21st PAC mystery. Four different perspectives of one horrific story were seen in the 21st PAC ad campaign. The ARAW Awards finale will finally reveal the conclusion with a live magic show.

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