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Monday, January 04, 2010


Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. has approved Ordinance No. 37 or The Gawang Gapo Center Ordinance on recently. This program aims to boost economic activities among Olongapenos and generate an opportunity for local products to emerge in the region as well as in the country.

Gawang Gapo, as the name suggests, are any local product manufactured out of the creativity of an Olongapeno declared through Accreditation. Majority of the ingredients and materials used for the products must be grown or found within the territorial jurisdiction of Olongapo City to be considered authentic.

With Mayor Bong as Chairman, the Gawang Gapo Board was established to oversee the over-all planning and programs of the Gawang Gapo Product Center and formulate the general guidelines for the selection, accreditation, preservation, packaging and promotion of the local quality products.

To get the Gawang Gapo Seal, the product should undergo the following process:

1. Product Selection. All existing Olongapo products will be screened by the Gawang Gapo Product Center and recommend the same to the board.

2. Product Quality and Preservation. In close coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Center will establish the standards in assuring quality and preservation of the chosen local product.

3. Product Packaging. The process by which a local product is wrapped and presented while adopting innovative and creative techniques ensuring cleanliness and proper preservation. The label should contain the ingredients, expiration date, name and address of the company.

4. Product Accreditation. Local products will undergo an evaluation following the standards and requirements set forth by the city government through Gawang Gapo Product Center. Accreditation is the over-all assessment of the product after the selection process.

5. Product Promotion. All Gawang Gapo Products will be strategically placed in the local market. Grocery stores and supermarkets in Olongapo City will be encouraged to assign an area for the Gawang Gapo Products and hotels, restaurants and other tourists spot will be encouraged to do the same.

The Gawang Gapo Product Center, on the other hand, is a place where transactions of business and activities for all the ‘Gawang Gapo Products’ take place. A Technical working group under the City Livelihood Cooperative and Development Office (CLCDO) will serve as the lead agency in the implementation of the policies, plans and programs of the board. They will also oversee the operation and supervision of the Center.

All local products that passed the established standards marked with Gawang Gapo Seal will be provided with tax incentives, financial assistance, promotion and other benefits.


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