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Saturday, January 02, 2010


The past year has indeed been quite a journey for Olongapo City, with many lessons learned, many successes reaped, and hardships hurdled. As the city moves on to the ensuing year, there is more optimism that it will be able to achieve greater heights.

2009 is about to close and Mayor James Gordon, Jr. remains steadfast with a rejuvenated spirit of serving the people. Each component of his HELPS program has gained inroads over the years to the benefit of many Olongapeños.

In the field of livelihood, the program of Mayor Bong Gordon has, among others, Enhanced Capabilities of Gawang Gapo Manufacturers:

- Gawang Gapo Producers Business Mainstreaming
- Brand Development Program (Gawang Gapo)
- Organized (Technical Working Group) TWG for
Gawang Gapo Accreditation
- Intellectual Property Registration
- Launching of Gawang Gapo at the National Level
- Participation in Regional and National Trade Fair.

Provided Technical and Financial Assistance:

- Livelihood Loan to Gawang Gapo Producers
- Specialized trainings and seminars for accredited
“Gawang Gapo” entrepreneurs
- Product development intensification
Establishment of Agri-Products Processing Center
- Provision of loans to cooperatives
- Organizing and activation of the City Cooperative
Development Council

Meanwhile, the Public Employment Service Office has been conducting SRAs (Special Recruitment Activity) almost on a weekly basis, tallying a total of forty seven (47) for 2009, drawing thousands and thousands of applicants

In the local employment, several thousands of applicants have registered from January to December of 2009, fifteen thousand eight hundred fifty one (15851) of them were referred applicants and eleven thousand three hundred forty five (11345) have been placed.

Furthermore, Peace and Order in the city has further improved with the decrease of crime incidents from an average monthly rate of 10.78% in 2007 to 7.3% in 2009. Crime Solution Efficiency rate has increased from 97% in 2007 to 97.22%. This shows that the city has maintained a low crime volume than the other highly urbanized city in Region III within the 3 –year period.

-incidence of index crime is very low:
less than 29.7/100,000 population, way below the national average of 52.6/100,000 population.

-incidence of non-index crime is at 44.8/100,000
population due to pro-active operations.

Other improvements were also made like the Enhancement of PNP Unit Capabilities
-Special weapons and tactics
*explosive ordinance Disposal capability
*K-9 Handling
*Firearms Proficiency-Sniper & Assault Weapon

Eradication of Organized Crimes

- Acetylene Gang-arrested on September 7, 2008
- Akyat Bahay Gang- arrested on September 24,
- Legaspi Highway Robbery Gang-arrested on
February 15, 2008
- Budol-Budol Gang-arrested on November 11, 2008
- High Profile Drug Pushers-arrested on October
- Dordas Highway Robbery Group-arrested on
October 28, 2009

Meanwhile, part of the Peace and Order accomplishments is the Fire Incident Report. According to the data, fire incidents has decreased by 24% in 2008. Structural fires decreased by 27%, as a result of the continuous fire safety inspection being conducted by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

The Traffic Management Group on the other hand has improved traffic signages; reinforced OTMPS Capabilities and Capacities; improved mobility and communication capabilities and enhanced driving skills of public utility vehicle drivers.

With all these above-mentioned accomplishments, Olongapo City has received various awards and recognitions. In 2007, Barangay Barretto was awarded Hall of Fame in the Lupong Tagapamayapa. In 2008, the city received the Gawad Kalasag Best City Disaster Coordinating Council and the Olongapo Fire Rescue Team has been elevated to the Gawad Kalasag Hall of Fame.
Mayor James Gordon, Jr. addresses a group of public utility drivers during an orientation at the FMA Hall of City Hall. Drivers’ orientation is conducted regularly to raise the drivers’ awareness on safety for the benefit of the general public. (Photo/Caption Courtesy of PAO)

Mayor James Gordon, Jr. demonstrates the proper use of a welding safety gear before a number of welding trainees at the Olongapo City Skills Training Center. Thousands of welders have graduated from the Skills Training Program of Mayor Bong Gordon and are now gainfully employed, mainly by the Hanjin Shipyard at Subic Bay. (Photo/Caption Courtesy of PAO)




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