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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lyceum mock poll shows Gordon most capable

Senator Richard Gordon, standard-bearer of the Bagumbayan party, is the most capable among presidential aspirants in the 2010 elections, a poll from the Lyceum of the Philippines showed.

Gordon received the highest number of votes during a mock election that followed the Lyceum Presidential Forum last Wednesday which was attended by students from different universities, foreign diplomats and business leaders.
Gordon received 59 votes, followed by Gilbert Teodoro (23), Sen. Benigno Aquino III (20), Bro. Eddie Villanueva (17), Nicanor Perlas (10), Former President Joseph Estrada (9), Sen. Manny Villar (7), and Olongapo Councilor JC Delos Reyes (2).

During the forum, Gordon explained his policy of governance and sent a clear message that everyone must take part in transforming the nation and breaking free from a transactional society.

“When I look at governance I always think in terms of vision, values, volunteerism equals victory. To my mind, leaders ought to know where they are going. They have to uplift the level of values, of dignity, of behavior and performance of their people; uplift not just the standard of living, but also the standard of values; not just making them receive the hand-out, but making sure that all hands are carrying the load of the nation,” he said.

Gordon said the Philippines is faced with many challenges, primarily the cycle of disaster and poverty, ongoing war in Mindanao, and corruption not just in the government but in the whole society which should be solved by the country's next leader.

He explained that these problems can be solved by a government that is focused, fast, friendly, flexible and forward-looking, but the people should start selecting worthy and true leaders in the 2010 elections.

Gordon also presented his governance agenda, which included his top six policies: (1) Responsible budget deficit reduction program by minimizing fraud, waste and abuse, while maximizing revenues and services; (2) Burden-sharing by forging genuine partnership with local government units and the private sector; (3) Investing in people by ensuring quality population through quality education; (4) Disaster proofing the nation to end the cycle of disaster and poverty; (5) Strong political will and leadership by example; and (6) Re-engineering the government through a system of meritocracy.

“This is how Gordon’s governance will be. People must be part of the process of change. I will try to explain my vision to the people. Vision is a mental picture of the future which is certainly better than what is today. Vision will require challenges; work ethic, a sense of duty, dignity and determination are required for us to achieve our vision,” he said. By DAVID CAGAHASTIAN - Manila Bulletin

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