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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Barangay Officials in charge of their respective Health and Sanitation Committees has called the attention of Olongapo City residents who own pet animals like dogs, pigs, cows, carabaos, goats and the likes regarding an existing city ordinance on straying animals.

City Ordinance No. 23 (Series of 1998) entitled ’An Ordinance Prohibiting the Straying or Roaming of Animals in Any Public Street, Place or Plaza in the City of Olongapo and For Other Purposes’’ clearly states that the City Health Department and Barangay Officials have the right to catch and take into custody any stray animal they see on the streets.

The ordinance aims to protect the welfare and safety of City residents and visitors alike.

Stray pets that are caught shall be turned in to their respective impounding areas. Pet owners shall pay a penalty of not more than P 150.00. An additional fee of P 10.oo per day for small animals and P 20.00 per day for big animals shall be paid by the owners as board and lodging fee for the impounded pets.

The ordinance clearly states that impounded pets that are not redeemed within seven (7) days shall undergo public auction.

Meanwhile, through Ordinance No. 30 (Series of 1998) the ordinance on straying pets was enhanced. This ordinance imposes penalty on owners of animals which cause injury or damage to people or property. In the event that a pet animal has bitten or cause harm to a person, the owner shall shoulder anti-rabies vaccine and other medical expenses of the victim.

Anyone who do not comply with what is stated in the ordinance shall pay a penalty of not more than P 3,000.00 and not more than P 5,000.00 or imprisonment of not less than 5 days and not more than 10 days.

‘’Dapat alam ng mga residente ang kaakibat na responsilidad sa pag-aalaga ng hayop upang sa gayo’y maiwasan ang pagkakalat ng dumi ng mga pagala-galang hayop dahil napapansin ko na sa tuwing nagsasagawa kami ng jog/walk inspection ay nakakalat ang dumi ng mga hayop sa kalye,’’ wika ni Mayor Gordon.

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  • do the city government also have guidelines for taking care of imported pets specially dogs, a lot of neighborhood disputes arises from irresponsible owners?

    By Blogger Re, at 5/17/2010 11:32 PM  

  • We have clear guidelines, pls follow link: http://olongapo-revenue-code.blogspot.com/2007/11/section-4d01-poundage-fees.html

    By Blogger OlongapoCity Zambales, at 12/17/2012 4:27 PM  

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