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Thursday, December 29, 2011



Theme: Balik-Tanaw December 30, 2011

Assembly Time: 1:00PM, Start of Parade : 2:00PM

Fiesta Chairman: Hon. Bugsy Delos Reyes Vice Chairman: Hon. Edic Piano

Parade Chairman (Grand Marshall): Mr. Edwin J. Piano – 0932 132 6571, Tel 603-1045

Marshalls: PS/Supt Christopher Tambungan, Col. Christopher Mateo, Col. Jose Aquino, Mr. Manny Musngi, Gen. Orlando Madella, Mr. Angie Layug & Mr. Noli Capistrano (marching band coordinator)

Communication Group Assignment: (Operating Frequency: 147.38 +.60 and individual groups’ calling frequency including Brgy. & City’s nets will be utilized)

DX3UNA - Group 1 to 3 and DRRMO, BFP

Kabalikat - Group 4 to 7, Gordon Ave. & relay of info to stage announcer

Radio Gapo - Red Cross, Media and Emergency Medical Services (Ambulances)

Delta Com - PNP and OTMPS, Bomb Squad, Strike force

Maharlika - Assist in Canal Road, Manila Avenue & give directions to participants

All Groups should have representative at command post (Sta. Alpha) and Grand Marshall Team (Edwin Piano - Mobile)

GROUP 1: RIZAL BRIDGE by Security RoadRadio Groups

Marshalls – Lead Car – City Fiesta Execom Chair. Hon. Bugsy Delos Reyes And Vice Chair. Hon Edic Piano , OTMPS, PNP, Military/security marching units, Radio Groups


Knights of Rizal, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, DeMolay, Fire Trucks and emergency vehicles


(City Government Officials and Employees) RADIO GROUP – DX3UNA

MARCHING BAND – Original Band of Bacoor Cavite *****

WAGI (Wow Artistang Gapo Ito) followed by Barker

Olongapo City Government Official’s Float: Mayor Bong Gordon

Bb. Olongapo 2011 Float

Government Employees, Gordon College and Scholars

GROUP 3: Peace And Order Council C/O Mr. Angelito Layug

(MANILA AVE. From Mini Stop to Gamma Commercial)


Big Philippine Flag (c/o Boy Scouts and SJC Cadets)

Olongapo City Flag (c/o Girls Scouts and SJC Cadets R.A.G.E. Airsoft

PNP R3 Marching Band ****

1st Battalion (Commander and Staff)

§ Alpha Company (Commander and Ex-O)

· 1st to 3rd Platoon – OCPO

§ Bravo Company (Commander and Ex-O)

· 1st Platoon - Asinan, Banicain, Barretto

· 2nd Platoon – East Bajac Bajac, East Tapinac, Gordon Heights

· 3rd Platoon – Kababae, Kalaklan, Kalalake

§ Charlie Company (Commander and Ex-O)

· 1st Platoon – Mabayuan, New Cabalan, New Ilalim

· 2nd Platoon – Old Cabalan, Pag-Asa, Sta. Rita

· 3rd Platoon – West Bajac Bajac, West Tapinac


COLORS – OCPO/St. Joseph School

2nd Battalion (Commander and Staff)

§ Delta Company (Commander and Ex-O)

· 1st Platoon – BFP

· 2nd Platoon – SBMA

· 3rd Platoon –SBMA

§ Echo Company (Commander and Ex-O)

· 1st Platoon – DMO

· 2nd Platoon – ARESCOM

· 3rd Platoon – ARESCOM

§ Foxtrot Company (Commander ad Ex-O)

· 1st Platoon – OCNHS

· 2nd Platoon – Wesley

· 3rd Platoon – Columban

GROUP 4: CANAL Road going to Kalaklan Bridge (OLONGAPO HISTORY)

RADIO GROUP - Kabalikat

MARCHING BANDOlongapo City Marching Band (Marlon Bravo) *****

· Ulo ng Apo: The Legend - Skills Training, Arts and Culture Council, SBFCC, DataWorx, Bagumbayan Volunteers and Museum; The Legend Continues

· The Aetas: The First Inhabitants Of Olongapo - (CPDO and Budget Office)

· Olongapo during Spanish Colonization - SPED G

· Olongapo in the 20s and 30s; The American Occupation - Octagon Group (Airsoft Team)

· Peace Time; Olongapo as a Barrio of Subic, Zambales – Brgy. Barretto

· World War II: the Japanese Occupation of Olongapo Ms. Beth Daduya & Mr. Marlon Bravo w/ Gordon College (Arlida Pame)

· Period of reconstruction and rehabilitation: Olongapo after WWII –Brgy. New Cabalan

· Olongapo in the 50s - Sons & Daughters of Veterans, Movement of Filipino Americians and Veterans of Foreign Wars

*** Sta Cecilia Banda 3 of Paete Laguna *****

· Olongapo in the 60s James L. Gordon: The Father of Olongapo

Amelia J. Gordon : The Grand Lady Of Olongapo - West Bajac-Bajac

· Olongapo in the 70s - Assessor’s Office, CTO, Buss. Permit and Accounting

· Olongapo in the 80s

o Solid Waste Management Program – ESMO

o Color Coding – ESMO (Jeep)

o Aim high Olongapo, Bawal ang Tamad sa Olongapo – St. Benilde College

· Olongapo in the 90s

o The Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo - Civil Registrar’s Office, Subicwater & GSO

o Volunteerism – Olongapo City Elementary School (OCES)

· The New Millennium – SBMA Fire Dept. & SWAT, Alpha Kappa Kho (Cyber Subic, Y2K)

· Bong Gordon: Fighting for Excellence

(Center for the Youth, Center For Women, Firecrackers-Free Olongapo, CR3) - DSWD

· Present-day Olongapo

o Arts and Culture: Olongapo’s New Thrust – Columban College

· Olongapo: The Future – City Scholars, Kids Fashion Show Participants (c/o Kgd Tet)

FIESTA QUEEN with BANDA 46 of Carmona Cavite *****waiting at Land Bank (shaded)

GROUP 5: Canal Road (canal side of Union Bank (Deped Family)

c/o Deped Mr. Roland Fronda, Mr. Saturnino Dumlao


GROUP 6: Canal Road (Union Bank side)


(Barangay Contingents) c/o Brgy. Capt. Carlito Baloy

with Barangay Captains

ST. JUDE BAND OF MARAGONDON CAVITE between Bravo 8 and Bravo 9

GROUP 7: MANILA AVE starting corner Canal road

(Other Organizations or Businesses (Floats have priority)

No particular arrangement: 1st Come, 1st to go, Motorbike and Car Clubs sa huli)


Assembles at Right Side of Manila Ave

Red Cross Chairman Dick Gordon

Philippine Red Cross

PNRC Youth & 143 Members

Balikatan Ladies of Olongapo Movement (BLOOM)

Bagumbayan Volunteers of Olongapo City

Federation of Senior Citizens

Federation of Day Care Workers

UBSP/ Reach Up

Pag-Asa Youth Association


AETAS Federation

Assembles at Left side of Manila Ave

Alpha Phi Omega Int’l


Bay Press

BMX Riders Club


Cabalan Christian School

Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop FLOAT


Coca Cola Bottlers Inc.

Columban College


Day Care Center (CSWD)

East West Bank

Ems Sparkle Spa

Future Leaders Camp

G Gym

Guardian’s Cavalier Inc.

Hanjin Shipyard

Harbour Point (Ayala Mall)


Isang Ganap Guardians

Jam (OCDJ)


Kapatiran Association (Brgy. Sta. Rita)

Karinyosa KTV & Disco

KBG Rolling Store-Gawang Gapo


K-Servico Trade Inc.

Leo’s Club of Olongapo

Lion’s Club

M Lhullier

Market Vendors Association

Mart 1 Olongapo


Metro Olongapo Chamber of Commerce Inc.

Micro-B (Yakult)


Mr. and Miss Asinan Elementary FLOAT

Muslim Brotherhood Association

New Pinagpala Association

Olongapo Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Olongapo Gay Association

Olongapo Mahal Ko Foundation

Olongapo Vendors Association

Otaku Maru - Cosplay


Personal Collection

Phil. Shriners Association

PhilAm Life Insurance

Philippine Guardians Inc

Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc

Pitbull Owners


Red Ribbon

Roast Chick’n

Rotaract Club District 3790 Cluster 4C


Saint Joseph Alumni Association

Samahang Magdalo – Olongapo Chapter

Science of Identity Foundation

Shape Up

SM Mall

STI College

Subic Broadcasting Corp.

Subic Dock

Subic Shipyard

Subic Water


Tau Gamma Phi (TORC)

The American Legion

Triskelion Olongapo Regional Council

Vercon’s Supermart

Virgen Delos Remedios

Transportation Group

Volkswagen Club

Gapo Mix Motor Rider Club

Car Club, Motorcycle Club

*** N O T E S

  1. After passing the review/judging stand will not hamper traffic or go-straight to its garage

  1. Stopping the parade once it started will be minimized to maintain its momentum. If needed to connect a break, the front will only slow down and double time the chasing group to reconnect the break

  1. No group is allowed to stop and perform at review stand continuous forward movement will be implemented

  1. Parade needs to be done by 6pm, thus we will start ON TIME

  1. A Band Parade will start in Gordon Avenue on 29 December at 3PM, will march up to City Hall then individual bands will go to assigned barangays.

  1. All motorcycle riders must wear helmet

7. There will be a photo contest, rules at http://www.facebook.com/BatangGapoNewscenter

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