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Monday, October 26, 2009


The Olongapo City Government through the Office of Traffic Management and Public Safety (OTMPS) want to ensure the smooth and orderly flow of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the vicinity of the three (3) cemeteries during the observance of All Saints Day in Olongapo City.

The OTMPS will deploy traffic personnel in all designated Traffic Control Points (TCP) and install appropriate traffic signs in all critical intersections, gates and turning points within the vicinity of the major cemeteries of the city, Olongapo Public Cemetery, Olongapo Memorial Park and Olongapo Heritage Garden.

Command posts will be set up at the parola near the Olongapo Public Cemetery and at Del Rosario Road infont of the Olongapo Memorial Park where representatives from OTMPS, PUD, OBFP, JLGMH, PNP, KHG, ESMO, Olongapo PNRC Chapter, City Engineering Office, Barangays and Civic Communication Group will be stationed.

Here is the traffic scheme released by the OTMPS for Olongapo Memorial Park and Heritage Garden:

- Del Rosario road will be opened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic up to 1259H only.

- Vehicles going to Memorial Park from Sta. Rita Road will turn right at Tulio Street, right turn to Del Rosario Road straight to their destination.

- Vehicles coming from the National Hi-way can go straight to Memorial Park or to Heritage Garden.

- At 1300H Del Rosario Road will be CLOSED to Vehicular traffic until further notice.

- Motorist bound to Olongapo Heritage Garden will be permitted to enter provided they will park inside the Heritage Garden Parking Area, and if they are included in the list of vehicles submitted by Heritage Management.

- The whole stretch of the Del Rosario road will be a No Parking Zone from 0600H to 2400H.

Olongapo Public Cemetery:

- there will be no restrictions on Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) and Public Utility Vehicles (PUJ/PUB) via the National Hi-way passing through Olongapo Public Cemetery.
- Public Utility Tricycles shall only be allowed to drop off their passenger along the National Highway by Lyn’s Frame, approximately three hundred meters (300meters) away from the SBMA Kalaklan Bridge.


Olongapo Public Cemetery

-After PREDA, one side parking going to Subic town.
-Gordon Park
-Inside Ocean View with Parking Fee of PHp 10.00 to be collected by the resort management.
-At SBMA front of TPU by Canal Road, SBMA Kalaklan Gate.

Memorial Park/ Heritage Garden

-Nat’l. Hi-way from Victory Compound to Mactan, One Side Parking going to City proper.

-Tabacuhan Road after Del Rosario St. up to Hulo, One Side Parking going to Hulo.

Mayor James Gordon, Jr. ordered the concerned agencies who will be detailed to the cemeteries to maintain the peace and order of the areas assigned to them.




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