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Monday, April 19, 2010

Iba na Ngayon: “Its better Automated!”

“Since this is our first time on computerized voting, Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. has tasked the Public Affairs Office (PAO) to constantly inform the public about the A-Z’s of poll automation,” Vic Vizcocho, Jr., head of PAO said over SBC TV22 simulcast on radio dwGO. “Sa pamamagitan ng palagiang pagpapaalala sa publiko sa pamamagitan ng radyo, telebisyon, dyaryo o internet man ay mas mapapadali ang pagtuturo natin sa mga botante tungkol sa makabagong paraaan ng pagboto at pagbilang ng boto gamit ang bagong balota at PCOS o Precinct Count Optical (PCOS) machine,” said Vizcocho.

According to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) official website for voters’ education www.ibanangayon.ph , voters must observe the following guidelines regarding the proper use of the modern ballot:

1. Before accepting the ballot from the BEI, check to see if the ballot is:
a. Un-filled up; and
b. Clean, i.e., there are no marks anywhere on the

2. Vote by shading in the oval next to name of the candidate of your choice.
a. Completely shade in the oval. Do not use a check, or an x, or a dot, or any similar mark.
b. Do not make any mark outside the voting areas of the ballot.
c. It is alright to go over or beyond the lines of the voting oval
d. Use the COMELEC provided marking pen
e. Do not over-vote
f. Use only the COMELEC provided marking pen
g. Before filling up the ballot, be sure about the choices you are making. You will not be able to erase the marks you’ve already made; there will be no replacement ballot available.

3. After voting, enclose the ballot in the ballot secrecy folder and proceed to the PCOS.
a. There may be a line, so join the end of the line.
b. Do not show your ballot to anyone.
c. When it’s your turn to cast your ballot at the PCOS, slide your ballot out of the secrecy folder so that only the top portion is exposed.
d. Align the exposed portion to the mouth of the feeder and gently ease the ballot into the PCOS.
e. Release the ballot without removing the ballot secrecy folder.
f. Wait for the PCOS confirmation of your ballot before leaving

4. After casting your vote, return to the BEI for indelible inking.
It can be recalled that the poll automation is the brain-child of Senator Richard Gordon, who is now running for president, to address the usual long and tedious manual counting of votes that the COMELEC used to do.

Step 1
Pagkakuha ng Official Ballot, siguraduhing ito'y walang mga pre-shaded ovals.
Be sure that the ballot is free of marks and that the ovals are not pre-shaded.

Para mabilang ng wasto ang iyong mga boto,
I-SHADE NG BUO ang oval na katapat ng kandidatong iboboto gamit
ang black marker mula sa presinto.
To ensure that your vote will be counted properly, completely shade the oval beside the name (s) of the Canidadates using the black marker provided in the precinct. Do not over-vote.

Ipasok ang iyong Official Ballot sa PCOS.
Feed your ballot at the PCOS machine.

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