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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Zambales vice governor Ramon G. Lacbain II continues his fight against poverty in Zambales by organizing small community pharmacies in remote sitios and/or puroks in different towns of the province called “Botika Natin sa Nayon”.

There is now an initial 50 Botika Natin located in the towns of Subic, Masinloc and Sta. Cruz within the province of Zambales including Olongapo City that are being managed by more than 500 volunteer-families.

“It is our objective to organize not less 200 Botika Natin compose of 2,000 volunteer-families to provide residents in remote areas with easily accessible 24-hours a day quality generic medicines at miraculously low prices”, said Lacbain who initiated this community outreach project in partnership with the Zambales War Against Poverty (ZWAP) Foundation, Inc.

ZWAP Foundation is duly registered with various government regulatory institutions such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Aside from ZWAP Foundation, another active partner of vice governor Lacbain in this project is the Department of Social Welfare and Development – Central Luzon regional office.

“The DSWD administers the fund that I was able to secure from the priority development assistance fund of Senators Edgardo J. Angara and Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and monitors the operations of Botika Natin”, Lacbain further explains.

After almost 6 months of operations since August of last year, Botika Natin has already sold generic medicines to thousands of indigent families at miraculously low prices and has also provided additional source of income to members of Botika Natin volunteer group.

A 500 mg paracetamol tablet being sold from P2.00 – P8.00 in regular pharmacies depending on whether it’s generic or branded is sold at P0.50 centavos in Botika Natin. A 2 mg/60 ml salbutamol syrup worth P90.00 or more in regular pharmacies is sold in Botika Natin only at P15.60. The prices of medicines in Botika Natin maybe lower by P10.00 to P80.00 when compared to prices of medicines in regular pharmacies in the town proper.

Along with low prices is the 24-hour availability of medicines in Botika Natin in time of emergencies. The people in the community also saves a lot from transportation expenses since Botika Natin is located right in their own community.

Botika Natin has already earned a lot of praises from people in the communities that have benefited from this project. Volunteers have been lining up for the establishment of Botika Natin in their respective communities.

However, some town and provincial officials of Zambales are trying to put down this worthwhile project just because vice governor is behind this project.

“I urge my fellow government officials to support this project instead of bringing this down. If only all politicians will compete in terms of who has the most number of projects and who has the best projects then the people will be the ones to benefit instead of attacking each other’s projects and finding ways to stop them”, laments Lacbain on the move of some political leaders in Zambales to stop Botika Natin from growing and going.

A Botika Natin maybe set up in any remote sitio by 10 members coming from different families who live in the same contiguous area and are willing to comply with the basic requirements. For more information on this project, you may contact Ms. Doreen Macedo or Ms. Donabel Belgira at 047-232-5094 or email them at vgovzambales@hotmail.com. You may also visit their website at www.vgovlacbain.com


  • good job and we hope you will be the next governor of our province to improve the way of living of our fellow zambalenos.

    By Blogger bliss, at 9/18/2006 3:33 PM  

  • This news is nothing but a press release coming from another traditional politician. Once, Vice Governor Lacbain portrayed to bring the wind of change to the folks of Zambales because of his youth and perceived intelligence. I was still young then and now that I've aged, I realize that the people of Zambales deserve more than just a "botica". Let's just be honest for once in ourselves- we do not want you to lick our sores and wounds; we want you to heal them and your botica will not do that.

    I just hope that the moderator of this blog does adhere to the ethics of journalism and not to censor an objective comment such as this.

    By Anonymous mirriam espinosa, san narciso zambales, at 10/06/2006 2:41 PM  

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