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Thursday, May 21, 2009

YourSay: Oil Smuggling

From: Hidelito M. Sisona, SPE
Thank you for this information, they only solution to curb oil smuggling in subic freeport and other ports that safeguard the Government, SBMA must create the Cargo Surveying team, specialise in oil and gas inspection in subic port.

The claim of Commisioner Napoleon Morales, that oil smuggling happen in the International water, i believe, there is misleading of information and somebody feeding wrong information and to protect there illegal transaction oil at para tuloy and ligaya, so congress is mislead and no concrete solution of the oil smuggling.at kawawa si Juan De Cruz, is the want suffering.

The following arguement, why oil smuggling will not happen in the International water!
or discharging of oil cargo by Mother ship station in the International water as they called or i shall say a Foreign Flag Tanker becuase it is in the international water.

1. Foreign flag tanker loaded with oil cargo at port of loading ( Port of Origin), onboard is covered with complete shipping documents and cargo insurance and surveyors report.
2. No normal ship master will allow to discharge oil cargo in the mids of the sea or international water as they said, becuase, it will completely put the vessel into high risk situation and endanger the lives of the crew and the master of the vessel due to swell and oil spillage and also a violation of the law at the sea, IMO rules.
3. In assumption, there will be discharging of oil cargo in the mids of the sea, when the tanker arrive at the port of discharge, it is very easy to detect by port authority thru the observation of the Loadline condition, Ullage examination and shipping documents and rate of discharge by pump and other technical waorks onboard, to be carried by Marine Cargo Surveyor.

There are two types of oil smuggling

1. Actual oil smuggling happen in the ports ( Anchorage & during Drydocking and including the Domestic tanker)
2. Technical Smuggling, manipulation of the shipping documents with Authorities involve, broker and tax payment computation for wrong use in the unit of measurement, we have to consider, oil has there own density and temperature at the time of expansion, and it is liquid matter.

And if the Government is really serious in solving the oil smuggling, the solution is to create urgently the cargo surveying team specialise in the oil and gas examination onboard the foreign Tanker and including the shore (farm tank ) examination for monitoring of stock inventory. and dispatch to major ports, Batangas, Bataan and subic freeport.

Hopefully this little knowledge and experience, I shared to the Government will help to minimise the losses of taxes in our ports and increase tax collection, and the php 90 billion pesos lost in revenue for 3 years will no longer recycle. Thank you and more power

Best Regards

Hidelito M. Sisona, SPE

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