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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Future Ex-Vice Governor of Zambales

Dear Friends, Relatives and Supporters,

In two days time, I will be ex-vice governor and I do not know whether I will still get the chance to go back serving as an elected provincial official, but I have no regrets for all the decisions I made because I know that God is with me all the time and that He has guided me for all the decisions I made.

I have no regret deciding to severe my political alliance with future ex-governor vic (formerly govic now exgovic, he, he) for almost three years now since August 2004 after I have personally discovered his selfish desires as governor.

I can be a very loyal supprter but only if you are truly for the interest of the people. In fact I have been with govic for about 15 years since I became a member of the provincial board representing the youth sector of Zambales.

But unfortunately govic was removed from office in 1986 after the people power revolution so I did not get the chance to work with him and personally experience his style of leadership and his vison for Zambales.

But all through those 12 years that govic was not in the position during the incumbency of Gov. Amor Deloso I have remained my loyalty to govic believing that he is a better leader for Zambales.

But alas I got the chance to work with him very closely as his vice governor for three years from 2001-2004 and discovered so many things about him.

No concern for the plight of the poor but uses them to generate more money; uses money to control people; treats people as robots - never develops people to think and share ideas but says "bawal mag-isip"; no respect for the rule of law; acts and thinks like he owns Zambales, its resources and even its people (like a king); he's the best in remedial law (according to him) which is true in the real sense of the word "remedyo" - magaling talagang magremedyo kahit sa papaanong paraan gagawin kahit mali at makakasakit; no respect for other people, but the worst of it all - NO VISION OF DEVELOPMENT AND HOW TO SAVE THE PEOPLE FROM POVERTY.

I know that very soon he will face someone bigger that him and he will answer for all his actions for the past many years that he was entrusted the highest position in the province. He was very fortunate to have been given the second chance to make up for his past actions during his first term as governor but it was very unfortunate that he missed it.

I know that all of us longs to go to heaven when we die and that's our final destination but I know also that it's not power nor wealth that will bring us to this final destination but how we were able to make the lives of other people better as children of God.

I have no regret not running for vice governor for the last time (since I am just on my second term) because I am able to help Zambales to have a new vice governor in the person of Anne Gordon who is much better than me and more capable to help them with their problems unlike me who is a poor public official.

I have no regret not running for governor (although I must admit that I have also aspired for it after serving the province for 19 years and since I have my clear vision of economic prosperity for every Zambaleno family) because my candidate for governor - Amor Deloso won overwhelmingly.

I am afraid that if I run for governor that would divide the votes and may result in the victory of the son of govic which must not happen so someone must sacrifice for the sake of the people. So I accepted the fact the Amor Deloso is the best alternative so I gave way and instead decided to run for mayor of Subic and declared my all-out support for Amor Deloso for the first time for the good of the people (two weeks before the deadline of filing of candidacy).

At the last minute (two days before the deadline of filing of candidacy), I was convinced to run for congressman instead of mayor since all opposition leaders need to launch an aggressive and massive campaign against a political dynasty in the province.

Believing that I can do more and will be able to help not only my townmates in Subic but even the people of Olongapo, Castillejos and San Marcelino and since I have the firm commitment of support from the high political leaders of the province I declared my candidacy for congressman.

Despite, the lack of resources, the lack of time and my failure to get the support of a strong religious group (I only have 45 days to campaign and practically spent about 80% of this time in Olongapo City since I am not yet known there), I still almost made it.

Initially the incumbent congresswoman was just taking me for granted but as the campaign activities heat up, she realizes that I am also a serious candidate and that I have a very good chance of winning so she decided to work double time and mobilized all her resources. Even her husband (running for gov maybe thinking that he is already winning) and her father-in-law (running for senator maybe thinking that he will not win anyway) came to her rescue and started joining her sorties in the city.

I lost but it was a good fight. I have no regret also for my decision to run for congressman instead of mayor because with my decision Anne Gordon was able to run for vice governor and now the relations between Olongapo City and Zambales was established.

I am looking forward to a good working relations between Gov. Deloso and Vice Gov. Anne Gordon and of course with Mayor Bong Gordon. A lot of Zambalenos are working and living in Olongapo City (not to mention that a lot of Zambalenos go to James Gordon Hospital for medical treatment) so we can expect now a better arrangement since their first lady is now the vice governor of Zambales.

These political developments in Zambales happened under the advise and initiative of Senator Dick Gordon ( a true Zambaleno who was born in Castillejos and whose mother is a true Subicqueno) who out of his love and concern for his province took the initiative to gather the political leaders of the province who wants change.

It's a choice between two leaders - govic (an aspiring senator who ranked no. 10 in his own province and ranked 21st nationwide) or dick (an incumbent outstanding senator) who has a very clear vision not only for his province but for the nation.

Running with govic was his son, his daugther-in-law, 3 of his cousins, his neice and his nephew. Eight of them belonging to one family name but the people have spoken, they made the two won but the six of them lost. While no one from dick's own family run for elections (although his wife could easily run for congress as a former congresswoman and his son is an incumbent city councilor).

Of course mayor bong of Olongapo (dick's brod) is an incumbent and an outstanding mayor so he deserves to be reelected while the decision of Anne Gordon (wife of mayor bong) to run is their decision and not of dick's.

Sen. dick can now bring in more projects and programs for Zambales which were prevented by the outgoing gov in the past. More interaction between local officials and sen dick are now expected, the same way we can expect now more interaction between city officials of Olongapo and the provincial officials of Zambales.

I am leaving the provincial government as an elected official with a happy heart and contented mind believing that it is in good hands under the leadership of Amor Deloso with the full support of Anne Gordon under the guidance of Sen Dick Gordon.

I can say my mission is accomplished to make Zambales a better if not the best place to live in where freedom and prosperity abound. I entrust my vision of ecomic prosperity to every Zambaleno family to Governor Deloso and to Vice Gov. Anne Gordon.

For now, I leave my fate to God. I know God has better plans for me.

Thank you so much to God Almighty and to the people of Zambales for the positions you have bestowed on me as your former Board Member and now your future former Vice Governor.

Very truly yours,

Ramon G. Lacbain II

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