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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SBMA orders probe vs Hanjin over deaths of 2 workers

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, Philippines - Authorities here have imposed sanctions against Hanjin Heavy Industries Corp. Philippines for the death of a Filipino worker last week even as the South Korean firm is under investigation for yet another fatal accident at the Hanjin shipyard over the weekend.

A notice of violation was issued against Hanjin for several safety violations that may have caused the death of a worker last Wednesday.

In a statement, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) administrator Armand Arreza said that the Occupational Health and Safety Office (OHSO) is investigating the latest incident.

The first of the two separate fatal accidents involved a worker identified as Rafael Careg of Pasig City, who was riding a pickup truck when hit by a Hanjin crane boom truck.

The second accident, according to initial investigation by the SBMA Intelligence and Investigation Office (SBMA-IIO), showed that a certain Oliver Labay was grinding a block bulkhead for a cargo ship about 1:50 a.m. Sunday when another bulkhead behind him collapsed, hitting him at the back of his head and pinning him to the concrete floor.

Initial report indicated that that the metal stopper keeping the one-ton bulkhead in place gave way.

Arreza said that HHIC-Phil head Jeong Sup Shim had relayed to him the company's regrets for the tragedy and said the firm will abide by SBMA requirements on safety procedures at the shipyard.

None of Hanjin's officers could not be reached for comments and have opted to relay their messages through the Freeport authority. - JOHN BAYARONG, GMANews.TV

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  • I am sorry for the lose to these two families as for the others that have died at this new shipyard.

    It is very upsetting to me that the Philippines Gov't and the SBMA in its energy to bring in more investments to the old Subic Naval Bases, that it has FAILED to fully hold accountable these companies with strict safety rules and laws.

    To me, I think Hanjin is and has FAILED to take ANY corrective actions on their POOR safety practices. How many Filipinos are going to be killed until the Philippines Gov't takes any actions????

    FOr me, I think each famliy that has a death in Hanjin should be awarded $500,000.00 in cash. Until Hanjin is held to a higher standard in the safety of all its workers, then they should be hit in their profits...

    I would also put those that FAIL to take the appropriate actions to correct these safety issues in jail..

    As an American who has lived in Subic Bay with the Navy for 5.5 years and has many Filipino friends in the area, I think the Philippines Gov't is failing it's people in letting these POOR safety practices continue. I say shut them down till they get their act together..

    By Blogger John, at 6/18/2008 10:34 AM  

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