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Monday, December 18, 2006

Are the Americans pressuring GMA to release Smith?

AS A MATTER OF FACT By Sara Soliven De Guzman
The Philippine Star

We have had a love - hate relationship with the Americans ever since World War II – so what else is new? Despite this, it is quite obvious that we will always be friends and that’s that!

The recent news on the conviction of Lance Cpl. Smith will once again test the strength of our relationship with the US. To many Filipinos, Judge Pozon is a hero risking his profession and (maybe) his life to such a decision. As you know the Visiting Forces Agreement stipulates a law that is quite clear. This law clearly states that Smith should still be under the US custody until all hearings for the case is still on-going. But Pozon is still out there fighting it for what he believes to be "just".

I admire the determination of this judge. Despite the orders of Secretary Gonzalez to follow the VFA laws – he still persist with his fight. How I wish our justice system will carry on such will and character, so that the oppressed can also be heard — not just the "moneyed" population.

I have a strong feeling that the Americans are pressuring our government. Of course, they also have a right to do this. But the government seems very submissive and in television we can see how our government seems to be kissing ass (oops sorry about that).

It’s just sad that when we have a problem with the US Courts, we cannot get away with their laws — our voices are not even heard. Now that the US has a snag in this case, they are trying to turn the tables to their favor. Let us see what the sudden turn of events will bring to us. It is quite amusing to follow. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. In the meantime, Judge Pozon, continue to fight for what you believe is right, without question or doubt. As for the many Pinays out there, make this be a lesson to all. Do not throw yourselves to foreigners who may just exploit you, you may be the next "Nicole".


  • I do not condone Smith, but I also do not think this Judge is doing anyone any favors by disregarding a signed document between two government entities that clearly states the U.S. desire to have custody until a court date is assigned. Again lawlessness is the way to fix things in the P.I. and as long as it does the P.I will remain a third world country that it is. The joke in the
    Pacific!!! Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Thiland continue to grow economically while the P.I. is still stuck in the mud with its graph and corrupt politicians making promises they are unable to enforce. This Smith should pay for his crimes if convicted but one Judge has no right or authority to disregard an official document signed by two countries because he then becomes the problem I.E. a dictator is a dictator is a dictator. Its a shame for the Filipinos who have to work as cheap labor around the world because no company will take a risk of setting up shop in a country that is unable to abide by its own laws and makes them up as you go...

    Shame on the Judge!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/19/2006 1:12 AM  

  • alam mo hanga ako sa kay judge kasi isa sa batayan niya ay meron daw siyang anak na babae pero iba po si nicole na may motibo kaysa kaysa anak ninyo. (mindanao to olongapo ang lapit yata). kung matino siya sana di siya pupunta sa club, maglalasing, magsasayaw ng may malisya, magpapakarga sa stranger at sasakay sa isang van na puno ng sundalo at natural na ibaba siya that time kasi kulang na sa oras kailangan na magreport. ngayon sentensiyado na si Smith so she get justice diba? ikinulong na nila. nadala na ng abogado niya ang buong pilipinas sa kahihiyan. ang tanong kaya ba niyang "pangalagaan ang buhay nito sa loob ng kulungan?". kung may mangyari kay smith in worst scenario sa custody natin "international incident". sino mapapahiya sila lang ba? NO! tayo lahat. again buong Pilipinas! this time Lets VFA do their jobs. Smith is a US Marine. nadala na nito ang Hukbo sa kahihiyan at US Govt. huwag na nating dagdagan pa. tutal pagdating dito niyan wala na rin siyang future because of that case. So enough na too much pain di lang sa pamilya nila pareho kung hindi sa US at mga Pilipino na rin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/21/2006 12:22 AM  

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