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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Letters", Philippine Daily Inquirer

Once again, Olongapo City Vice Mayor Rolen Paulino, the renegade protégé, is on the loose and spewing fire and brimstone due to burning ambition.

This is evident in his allegation that Mayor James "Bong" Gordon, Jr. shoved him away from Genuine Opposition senatorial bet Francis "Chiz" Escudero during a press conference in a local restaurant (PDI, 3/05/07).

Well there's nothing new in his exaggerated version of a minor incident where he claims "it seemed his lungs would collapse by the sheer force" of the alleged panghahawi. Since entering politics, Paulino has mastered the art of exploiting a particular issue or personality to turn the odds in his favor. Poor Chiz, his presence in Olongapo was taken advantaged of in a desperate attempt by the vice mayor to elicit sympathy and earn pogi points.

Escudero came to Olongapo first and foremost to campaign for his candidacy. To meddle in local politics certainly never crossed his mind because he would have nothing to gain from it. As a visitor to the city and the Escuderos, being long-time family friends of the Gordons, it was but natural for Mayor Bong to welcome Escudero and help him in making a pitch to the local voting population. Thus, Gordon tagged Chiz along to his regular morning jogging sortie around the city for Escudero to personally meet local residents. After which Chiz invited the mayor to join him in his press conference scheduled later that day. This explains the presence of Mayor Gordon at Escudero's press conference which, as it turned out, was peopled by the local opposition.

In fairness, Mayor Gordon doesn't need a "piece of Chiz". He doesn't need to ride on the popularity of other politicians to boost his reelection bid in the forthcoming May elections. It's the other way around. Escudero needs Gordon's support to win votes in Olongapo. The mayor did his share because he strongly feels that Chiz deserves to be in the Senate.

Being seen or photographed in the company of national politicians doesn't mean local residents will easily forget one's dismal performance in office and deliver the votes.

Still, the bottom line is performance, not appearances.


  • This was in the inquirer's archive:


    Gordon-Paulino row blown out of proportion

    Last updated 01:23am (Mla time) 03/28/2007

    Once again, Olongapo City Vice Mayor Rolen Paulino, the renegade protégé, is on the loose, spewing fire and brimstone because of burning ambition. . . .

    Olongapo has decided, Paulino OUT . . Gordon IN

    End of the story.

    by the way ... PIANO was right!!!

    By Anonymous Nick, at 10/12/2007 10:40 AM  

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