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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. led the Olongapo delegation at the Asia Pacific Conference on Local Economic Development and Investment Strategies in Batam, Indonesia on June 24, 2010.

At the recently concluded conference organized by the United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC), Mayor Bong Gordon took up and expounded on the topic assigned to him which is “free trade zone”, one of the two subjects discussed at the conference.

In his presentation entitled ‘’Subic Bay Freeport Zone; its Benefits to Olongapo City’’, Mayor Gordon with a detailed overview of the Subic Bay Freeport and the major business incentives and benefits it has brought to Olongapo City and the neighboring cities and municipalities in Central Luzon.

“I am confident that the Asia Pacific Conference on Local Economic Development and Investment Strategies will bring tremendous changes in business and tourism in Olongapo City and neighboring towns along the Freeport,” said Mayor Gordon.

Also present at the UCLG ASPAC conference were other Asia Pacific mayors, city officials and municipal council members. Over three hundred (300) delegates attended the conference held at the Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam, Indonesia. Mayor Bong Gordon was accompanied by Olongapo City First Lady Anne Gordon at the conference.

The Asia Pacific Conference on Local Economic Development and Investment Strategies was organized by the Provincial Council of Riau Island (DPRD KEPRI) in cooperation with the Association of Indonesian Municipal Councils (ADEKSI).

The Conference highlighted two selected topics, Free Trade Zone and Tourism, which is aiming at enlightening the Local Government representatives on how the local governments in the region could take advantage of the implementation of a Free Trade Zone and how the Local Governments could enhance their tourism capacity and potency to attract domestic and foreign investment.

Mayor Bong Gordon answers questions at the Asia Pacific Conference on Local Economic Development and Investment Strategies at Batam, Indonesia on June 24, 2010.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


UNFPA consultant Dra. Carmelita C. Canilia, M.D. ,UNFPA City Programme Coordinator Dr. Angel Umali and Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Bryan Tubban made a courtesy call on Olongapo Mayor “Bong” Gordon recently to formally inform the mayor that they will conduct a cost-effective study on the Reproductive Health Program of the city.

The UNFPA is in the process of documenting best practices of Olongapo City based on the 6th Country Programme outputs and outcomes.

According to Dr. Umali, Olongapo City was chosen as a subject of study because of its better performance in the implementation of the Reproductive Health programs. The 6th Country Programme focuses on three (3) core programme areas namely, “Population and Development”, “Reproductive Health”, “Gender and Culture”.

Monitoring and evaluation of reproductive health and population programme activities were undertaken with use of the results of the community assessments on different health centers.
It can be recalled that in 2007, Mayor Bong Gordon led the launching of the project called Population and Development Strategies (PDS) Program of the UNFPA.

The PDS Program is one of the major components of the 6th Country Program of UNFPA in the Philippines wherein they work on the advocacy objectives of the United Nations (UN).

The pro-poor policy and intervention strategy on reproductive health of the city were used to identify poor communities and engage civil society organizations to achieve better results.

From left: Dr. Bryan Tubban, assistant city health officer, Dr. Angel Umali, UNFPA city programme coordinator and Dra. Carmelita C. Canilia, UNFPA consultant, M.D during their courtesy visit to Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. recently.

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Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. and the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Olongapo has recognized the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) in connection with the city’s win as the Philippines’ “2009 Most Child Friendly City- Highly Urbanized Category.”

The said recognition was via Resolution No. 35 (series of 2009) entitled, “A Resolution Commending the Olongapo City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) for its Magnanimous Contributions Significant to the City for Winning the Prestigious Most Child Friendly City Award in the Highly Urbanized Cities Category.’’

CSWDO of Olongapo is a branch in the city local government that focuses on the rights and welfare of the children in the city.

Apart from winning the Most Child-Friendly City in the country, CSWDO was also recognized for its appropriate and instantaneous action in the protection and upholding the rights of every child in the city. It is also their goal to take responsibility for children who were abandoned and neglected by their own parents.

The local government takes great pride in the recognition given to the CSWDO. This only proves and shows how dedicated the employees and officials of Olongapo City government are on the protection of the children in Olongapo.

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With City Councilors Gina Perez, Rodel Cerezo, Edwin Piano, Jhong Cortez, Ellen Dabu, SK Pres. Cheenee Hoya, JC Gordon delos Reyes, Elmo Aquino and ABC Pres. Audie Sundiam Vice Mayor Cynthia Cajudo led the End of Term Ceremonies of the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) at the FMA Hall of the Olongapo City Hall on June 29, 2010.

At the 2007-2010 Sangguniang Panlungsod Accomplishment Report, VM Cajudo discussed in detail the harmonious working relationship between the Sanggunian and Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. as the chief executive of Olongapo. ‘’Fighting for Excellence… the City’s battle cry… embodies the aim shared by the Local Chief Executive and the Members of the City Council anchored by the principle that good local governance focuses mainly on its internal functional systems and processes backed by responsive local legislations towards the strengthening of local autonomy. This redounds to an actively working Sangguniang Panlungsod as a partner in promoting innovations and excellence in governance.’’

VM Cajudo has announced with great pride the local laws passed by the SP in the last three (3) years of service to the people of Olongapo, ‘’From 2007 up to present, the continued endeavor of the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Olongapo is manifested in the much commendable legislation approved for general welfare and for swift and efficient delivery of service.’’

From July 2007 to June 2010, the SP has passed 178 ordinances and 585 resolutions including what is referred to as ‘landmark measures’ like Code of General Ordinances, Environmental and Sanitation, Investment and Reproductive Health Care Codes and the Basic Emergency Obstetric at Newborn Care Ordinance.

VM Cajudo added that in three (3) years, they have produced and assembled equipment necessary for SP’s more functional and effective operations, ‘’The SP is also equipped with facilities suited for its operations, a well maintained session hall complete with two kinds of recording devices (taped recording and digitized, computerized total sound recording program, eight (8) computer units, three internet connections, fire-proof filing cabinets, as well as glass cabinets.’’

With the advancement of technology, the SP has also made dissemination of information fast and accessible to everyone through its website www.sangunian.com where ordinances and resolutions are readily available. VM Cajudo proudly said that apart from ‘hard copies’ or exact paper document, the office also have ‘soft copies’ or digital computer files on their computer system.

All resolutions passed by the SP can easily be located viathe Legislative Management Information System (LEGMIS), ‘’Through the LEGMIS, the ordinances, resolutions and other measures are being codified and stored, which allows the end-user to find/browse/view the exact document and access or print what is needed in just few clicks of the fimger in less than a minute,’’ dagdag pa ni VM Cajudo.

Also highlighted at the presentation was the recognition given to the Olongapo City SP being the “Best Sangguniang Panlungsod for Region 3” and, later on, placing 2nd Place in the national level.

‘’The reputation of being one of the country’s Most Competitive Cities was borne out not by chance or accident but because of the teamwork and cohesiveness of the city’s two (2) prime policy making bodies, the Executive body and the Legislative body, working in the same vision, mission and objectives. Fighting for Excellence,’’ concluded VM Cajudo.

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The Olongapo City Government under the administration of Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. has intensified its year-round campaign against Dengue. In line with this, City Health Officer Dr. Arnie Tamayo is continuously providing information regarding the deadly disease.

‘’Dengue Fever is an infection caused by a virus. Occasionally, a patient suffering from dengue may develop bleeding. Common sites for bleeding are the nose, gums, and skin. The patient with dengue fever who develops bleeding has dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF),’’ said Dr. Tamayo.

According to Tamayo, Dengue Fever is transmitted to people by the bite of an Aedes Aegypti mosquito that is infected with the dengue virus. The mosquito becomes infected with dengue when it bites a person who has dengue fever or DHF. Dengue fever cannot be spread directly from person to person.

Dengue should be suspected when you have sudden onset of high fever, 39-40°C, accompanied with severe headache, pain behind the eyes, body aches, rashes on the skin and nausea or vomiting. The fever lasts for 5-7 days. In some patients, fever comes down on the third or fourth day but it recurs.

Like most viral diseases there is no specific cure for dengue fever. Antibiotics do not help. Paracetamol is the drug of choice to bring down fever and joint pain. Aspirin and Ibuprofen should be avoided since they can increase the risk of bleeding.

People who suffer from dengue fever have no risk of death but some of them develop Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or Dengue Shock Syndrome. In some of these cases death can occur. With proper treatment, the patients with these conditions can recover fully. Proper treatment provided in time can save lives.

The main strategy in the prevention and control of dengue is source reduction, or prevention of breeding places. Every household can undertake simple measures to prevent existing water collections from becoming breeding places of Aedes Aegypti. House cleaning by all members of the community will ensure that no breeding places exists, preventing dengue from occurring.

For more information about Dengue, coordinate with the City Health Office at telephone numbers 224-8390 local 4147/4134

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Remote Subic village gets first water system—and first visit by a governor

BATIAWAN, Subic, Zambales—Gov.-elect Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. broke a record of sorts when he inaugurated a water system at this remote village on June 22, exactly a week before his scheduled oath-taking as the new provincial governor of Zambales.

Ebdane, a former secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), not only delivered the first water system to this community of some 2,500 residents; he also became, Batiawan folk said, the first governor to ever set foot in this upland village tucked some 1,160 feet high into the foothills of the Zambales mountain range.

“He’s the first to ever visit us here,” said former barangay captain Jesus Dizon, who located in the area in 1958, barely three years after then President Ramon Magsaysay opened Batiawan for settlement.

“The others before him? They didn’t bother with us,” Dizon added. The official neglect claimed by Batiawan folk was apparently borne by the fact that the upland barangay is two provinces removed from the rest of the town of Subic.

To get here from the Subic town proper, one has to travel down south to Olongapo City, go southeast to Dinalupihan town in Bataan, head north via a portion of Floridablanca in Pampanga, then turn westward for several kilometers of rough road to reach the center of the village.

All this, apparently, did not deter Ebdane from again going the distance on Tuesday and visiting the area for the second time in just seven months.

Ebdane, who is fast earning the reputation of an action man, facilitated the implementation of the deep-well project by the DPWH Zambales office after Batiawan residents requested his help in December last year.

“We endeavored to provide barangay Batiawan with safe and potable water because the  health of residents is an important concern,” Ebdane said during the simple inauguration ceremony for the water project.

Previously, Ebdane noted, the residents had to draw water for their household needs from a creek three kilometers away from the barangay center.

“After this, we plan to build two more deep-well systems so that we can extend the benefit of the water system to a larger area,” Ebdane added, explaining that a piped-water system was not advisable because it was expensive.

According to DPWH district engineer Neil Parala, the project was hard work for the DPWH team due to the high elevation and especially when some equipment broke down at the early phase of the project.

“We had to dig up to about 480 feet deep, using a truck-mounted boring machine loaned by the DPWH office in Manila, before we could draw water,” Parala recounted. It was only after the elections that the DPWH was able to fast-track the project to meet its self-imposed deadline of June 22 for the inauguration.

Meanwhile, with the deep-well project in place, Batiawan can hope to see more progress coming its way, said Subic town’s mayor-elect Jay Khonghun.

He told residents that Ebdane, “even when he has not yet taken his oath as Zambales governor, has already solved one of the biggest problems of the Batiawan community.”

“Gov. Ebdane has brought with him the brand of public service that made him so effective as DPWH Secretary — prompt action. He really deserves to be our governor,” Khonghun added.

Batiawan village chief Jesus Lawag echoed Khonghun’s appreciation and added that his village was deeply honored, as well as inspired, by Ebdane’s visit.

He added that he still sees himself in the next few years wasting about two hours in travel each time he attended meetings at the Subic municipal hall, but now he believed that change will soon take place under the Ebdane administration.

And now that they have the governor’s attention, what is next in Batiawan’s wish list?

“Of course, a road connecting us directly to Subic!” Lawag beamed. Written by Henry Empeño / businessmirror.com.ph Correspondent

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SBMA seeks legal advice on award to HCPTI

THE Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) is making sure its award of contract to the Harbour Centre Port Terminals Inc. (HCPTI) for the operations of the international port is legal in every way by asking for a legal opinion from the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC).

Armand Arreza, chief executive officer and administrator of the SBMA, said the SBMA is also reviewing all the documents submitted by HCPTI. “I expect the OGCC opinion to come out by mid-July, and then we will have to wait for their notice to proceed before we award the contract.”

He said they made the move so future administrations will not try to overturn or question the decision to award the contract to the private port operator, or at least make it difficult to do so.

SBMA is forming a joint venture with Harbour Centre for the operation of the entire Naval Supply Depot (NSD), a port that currently handles mostly general cargo such as fertilizers and grains.

He is convinced the joint venture can operate the port smoothly because of Harbour Centre’s experience in both Manila Harbour Centre and the Manila North Harbor.

“We have made our due diligence, and we found out that Manila Harbour Centre is almost full, and we expect that we can handle their spillover volume,” added Arreza.
Earlier, Harbour Centre chief executive officer Michael Romero said the company will spend about P6 billion to P8 billion over the 25 years of the contract for improvements.

Romero said their winning the award for the Subic port is just in time to complement the operations of their private Manila container port, since the facility has already reached 95 percent of its capacity.

The terms of reference of the deal with SBMA show the Romero-owned company assures the government of fixed fees of $500,000, or P23 million, for the first year of operation, with the contribution gradually rising to $600,000 in the second year and so on, with yearly rises to a final $1.5 million in the 25th year.

Romero said that if the cargo volumes shoot up to more than 2 million tons in the NSD, Harbour Centre will pay the SBMA an additional 20 percent of the gross revenues. In total, the SBMA said Harbour Centre committed $32 million, or about P1.53 billion, for fixed and guaranteed revenue share of government over the 25-year joint-venture period.

According to the SBMA figures, the nine other port handlers managed 2.21 million tons of noncontainerized cargo in 2009, some 1.8 million tons of bulk and break-bulk cargo with the rest being transshipments, heavy equipment and roll-on/roll-off goods.

Last year the SBMA earned P30.1 million from the nine cargo handlers in handling fees and P8.5 million from warehouse rental and storage fees. Written by VG Cabuag / businessmirror.com.ph Reporter

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mga Batas Laban sa Pambibiktima sa Masamang Bisyo ng mga Kabataan ng ‘Gapo

“The youth is the nation’s hope for a better future, let us protect and guide them well, and one way of doing this is by protecting them from the bad effects of vices to their mental and physical health” pahayag ni Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr.

This is in connection with the proposed amendments by the Olongapo City Council and the setting of public hearings for the said amendments of three (3) City Ordinances.
The ordinances are as follows:

1. City Ordinance No. 29 (series of 1965), “An Ordinance Banning Beer Drinking in Sari-Sari Stores, Groceries and Other Similar Establishments”

2. City Ordinance No. 50 (series of 1995), “An Ordinance Prohibiting Any Person Below 18 to Drink Alcoholic Beverages and Intoxicating Liquors in Any Saloon, Bar, Inn, Café, Restaurant and Similar Establishments or in Any Public Place and for Other Purposes’’

3. City Ordinance No. 65 (series of 2001), “An ordinance Banning the Sale of Cigars and Cigarettes to Minors”

The amendments aim to improve and include stricter provisions in the ordinances to make them more comprehensive and effective.

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ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS: Mayor Bong Gordon and Saint Anne Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Ramoncito M. Vicente lead the planting of fruit bearing trees at the parish ground on June 14, 2010. The activity coincides with the Silver Jubilee of the founding of the parish on June 15 to June 26, 2010.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Customs, Subic adopt common gateway system

The Customs bureau and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority have agreed to enforce a gate management system to prevent smuggling at the Subic Freeport.

Under the new system, which takes effect on July 15, cargo trucks going in and out of the free port will bear automated gate passes for easy identification, the agencies said.

No truck will be allowed to leave and bring out its cargo if it has not pais duties and taxes to the Customs or any port and wharfage charges to the Subic port authorities.

“There will be no place for smuggling or irregularity or inefficiency or lapses as far as the transfer of documents and shipments are concerned,” Customs deputy commissioner Alexander Arevalo said.
The cargo will be jointly examined by the representatives of SBMA and Customs in the presence of the importer. Both agencies will be liable in case of technical smuggling, officials said.

The system has already been pilot-tested with oil firm PTT Philippines and Microbase Transport and Equipment Inc. using the electronic gate passes.

The system is expected to remove an irritant between Customs and Subic following charges that oil products and second-hand vehicles are being squirreled into the country through the free port.

Early this year, Customs commissioner Napoleon Morales ordered a crackdown on blue plate cars that have been sold outside the free port.

Morales also created Task Force “Oplan Subic Blue Plates” to recover 184 motor vehicles that have been brought in by importers who exploit the loopholes in the law creating the Subic free port.

“Blue plates” are tax-exempt vehicles that enter the Port of Subic and can can be brought out of SBMA territory for official business but must be returned to the zone after 15 days. By Joel Zurbano - manilastandardtoday.com

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region III in coordination with the City Government of Olongapo headed by Mayor James ‘’Bong’’ Gordon, Jr. is calling on residents to cooperate on the cadastral survey of the remaining unsurveyed areas of the city.

The cadastral project is funded by Senator Richard Gordon through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), thus, no single centavo will be spent by the landowner.

Cadastral Survey is just one of the many projects of the City Government of under the administration of Mayor Gordon. The funding source of the project is Senator Richard J. Gordon through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Cadastral surveys are a type of land survey to determine land ownership and boundaries. Cadastral surveys are usually conducted by the government and residents are not asked to pay for the surveying.

It measures boundaries of private lands, boundaries of the different barangays, municipalities and provinces and boundaries of “Forest Area” which cannot be acquired by anyone.

Lot owners may expect for a representative from AB Surveying and Development for the lot survey. They may ask for any of the following documents: Tax declaration, Miscellaneous Sales Application. Show the documents to the surveyor for reference. The survey is FREE. The local government is expecting the full cooperation of every resident of Olongapo in this project.

Schedule of meetings regarding the Cadastral Lot Survey:
JUNE 29, 2010 Brgy. PAG-ASA
JULY 29, 2010 Brgy. NEW ILALIM
AUGUST 18, 2010 Brgy. STA. RITA

For more information on the Cadastral Survey Project, visit the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) or the office of AB Surveying and Development at #25 Jones St., New Asinan, Olongapo City.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Olongapo City widens education program

OLONGAPO CITY — Residents in this city will have access to a wider selection of both formal and informal courses as the city government extended its scholarship and training programs to improve the skills of city residents.

From training in making pastries and doing body massage, to graduate courses in nursing and business management, the city offers every possible assistance to improve the lot of its inhabitants, said Mayor James Gordon Jr.

“We believe that poverty should not be a hindrance to realizing the dreams of the youth; it should instead be a challenge. So we aim to give the youth a better chance in making their lives better by providing quality education,” Gordon said.

The city’s scholarship program is open to poor but bright students in the elementary, high school and college levels, with the students required to maintain excellent grades to avail themselves of the “educational privilege.”

Scholars in the college level are specifically required to pass the entrance examination at Gordon College, a homegrown institution that now offers various two- and four-year courses.

The college’s Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS) is now offering graduate courses in nursing, education, business management, and public administration under a trimester program.

Eder Magsayo, a professor and IGS spokesman, said 13 students have so far completed the graduates program since it began three years ago. As of now, the institute has 97 enrollees, he said.

Magsayo added that the graduate program is part of Mayor Gordon’s community services project that was geared to provide quality education to city residents.

Aside from the scholarship program, Gordon also announced the offering of free training to residents who want to improve their means of livelihood.
“There are two ways to make a living. One is by gaining employment, and the other is by employing yourself, which is the better option because you are your own boss,” Gordon said. He said among the training modules scheduled this month by the city’s Livelihood Cooperative Development Office are those for meat processing, Chinese dimsum preparation, body massage, chocolate candy and pastries production, and preparation of squash-based products.

Written by Henry Empeño / Correspondent businessmirror.com.ph

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Ebdane inaugurates 1st project as new governor

SUBIC, Zambales — Governor-elect Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. is fast earning the reputation as the “Action Governor” here after he inaugurated a water system located in the remote village of Batiawan in this town on Tuesday, exactly one week before he is to take oath as governor of Zambales.

The project, the first water supply system in the area since the village was founded in 1955, will benefit some 2,500 residents, mostly Aeta tribesmen, who used to get their drinking water from a creek some three kilometers away.

“We endeavored to provide Barangay Batiawan with safe and potable drinking water because the health of residents is an important concern,” said Ebdane during the simple inaugural ceremony held at the barangay center.

“After this, we plan to build two more deepwell systems so that we can extend the benefit of the water system to a larger area,” he told the people of Batiawan.
The water system project was implemented by the Zambales office of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) after Ebdane, a former DPWH secretary, interceded on behalf of the residents in December last year.

DPWH engineers said the project initially met some problems, including equipment breakdown, but was fast-tracked after the elections.

Residents said the water system will now be a big boost to the remote upland community, which could only be reached by vehicles through an access road in Floridablanca, Pampanga.

In the same occasion, Subic Mayor-elect Jay Khonghun and village chieftain Jose Lawag thanked Ebdane for the completion of the water system.

Khonghun noted that while Ebdane has not yet been sworn in as Zambales governor, “he has already solved one of the biggest problems for the Batiawan community.”

“(Ebdane) really deserves to be our governor,” added Khonghun, a former Zambales board member.

Meanwhile, Lawag said that aside from getting the first water system through Ebdane, it was also the first time for the village to be visited by a Zambales governor.

“Nobody among the former governors has visited us before, so we are really honored to have Governor Ebdane here with us,” Lawag said.

“Now, we are very much hopeful that our place would somehow see progress. Our wish is that Governor Ebdane would next build our road to Subic town,” Lawag added. By JONAS REYES - mb.com.ph

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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Mayor Bong Gordon inspects the on-going desilting using the powerful IMS Model 5012 HP Versi Dredge at the mouth of Kalaklan River near the East Bajac-Bajac Flood Gate.

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Friday, June 18, 2010


The English language is the most spoken language all over the world. Olongapo City Mayor James “Bong” Gordon wants Olongapeños to master the English language.

Gordon would like that the English-speaking foreign nationals to help teach the language. But, in the meantime, Mayor Gordon would want to make it possible that reading of an English-language newspaper be a daily habit among the youth of Olongapo.

That is why, this school year through the help of one of the “Metrobank’s 2009 Outstanding Teachers,” Eva B. Imingan, Nellie E. Brown Elementary School (Nebes) will have its own Inquirer Learning Corner (ILC).

Imingan sought the Mayor Gorson’s sponsorship through Melissa Carabeo, head of Nebes Parents-Teachers Association.

Nebes, headed by Principal Virginia J. Mira, got “The Best School Award in Reading” for school year 2006-2007 from the Olongapo City Department of Education division. It is because of the students marked improvement in performances in the division, regional, and national achievement tests.

Gordon said that as long as the budget allows he will grant similar requests from the other schools in Olongapo City.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


In observance of the nationwide annual ‘’Blood Donor’s Month’’, Mayor James ‘’Bong’’ Gordon, Jr. is urging Olongapeños to join the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) drive to promote blood donation.
‘’This year’s ‘Blood Donor’s Month’ will again be celebrated on a national scale to create wider awareness of the need for safe blood transfusion and the importance of blood donation,’’ said Mayor Gordon, noting this year’s theme “Young Donor’s, New Blood for the World”.

In line with the celebration, a motorcade will be held on July 14, 2010, 7:30 in the morning at the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)-Olongapo City Chapter office, Old Hospital Road, East Tapinac. The motorcade will be lead by the PNRC Olongapo staff, volunteers and support groups from Olongapo City and Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBMA).

Meanwhile, a mass blood donation will also be held at the Olongapo City Convention Center (OCCC) on July 16. The following can qualified to donate blood:

o Age: 18 to 59 years old
o Weight: 50 kilos or 110 pounds
o Blood pressure: 110/70-130/90
o Must have a minimum of six hours sleep

Health experts say donating blood gives an array of health benefits. Blood donation is said to remove some of the excess iron in the blood, which can cause free radical formation in the body.

Some studies have also shown that men who donate blood on a regular basis have a lower risk of heart disease. With heart disease being the number one cause of death in males, it is an important factor to donate blood.

For more information and inquiries, blood donors may go to the PNRC-Olongapo City Chapter, Old Hospital Road, East Tapinac, Olongapo City or call telephone number 222-2181.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mayor Gordon Promotes a Healthier Eating Habit for 2010

Pursuant to Sec. 7 of Presidential Decree No. 491 or more popularly known as the Nutrition Act of the Philippines, Olongapo is celebrating the 36th Nutrition Month on July 2010 to create greater awareness among the people on the importance of nutrition and healthier eating habits.

As a part of the celebration, Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. gave a directive to the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) under the HELPS program to double their efforts in promoting healthy lifestyle to reduce “lifestyle diseases” by designing a food pyramid to serve as a guide in preparing food.

Food Pyramid: Wastong Nutrisyon Kailangan, Lifestyle Diseases Iwasan

CSWDO nutritionist Richel Torralba also advises the people to adapt a healthier lifestyle to better manage their health and reduce the risk of developing or acquiring diseases due to poor eating habits and poor lifestyle. Torralba recommends the following healthy lifestyle tips: no smoking, don’t drink alcohol, no to illegal drugs, eat low-fat, low salt, high fiber diet, prevent hypertension, do physical activities, and manage stress.

“Healthy people makes a healthy nation,” Mayor Gordon said in an interview. “We can only effectively perform our respective duties and roles in lives whether it be as a parent, a politician, an athlete, or an employee if we possess a healthy body,” Mayor Gordon added.

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SBMA waives P30-M rent from Subic schools

SUBIC BAY FREE PORT—To help upgrade the quality of the work force in the Subic Bay area, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) has waived lease rentals that the agency collects from schools operating in this free port.
SBMA Administrator Armand Arreza said that as a result, the SBMA will now be giving up some P30 million in annual rentals through a “no-lease” scheme offered to schools here as a form of incentive to help improve the skills of Subic workers and enable them to meet industry requirements.

Arreza said the waived income would constitute almost a 100-percent increase over the P16.3-million annual subsidy previously given by the agency through discounts on property leases.

Likening the program to “hitting multiple birds with one stone,” Arreza said the beneficiary schools could plow back their savings into scholarship grants and projects to improve their staff and facilities.

With this scheme, Arreza said academe would get much-needed financial support, Subic Free Port industries would be assured of a globally competitive work force, and the community would reap the resulting benefits.

“In the long run, we hope to see a constant increase in enrollment at all levels, [as well as] the enhancement and inclusion of courses and fields of studies that are required in this free port,” Arreza added.

Initially, six of the 11 schools operating in this free port will be included in the program. These are Casa Kalayaan International School, FIRST School of Subic Bay Free Port Zone, Subic Montessori School, Lyceum of Subic Bay, Comteq Computer and Business College, and Mondriaan Aura College. The schools are now being audited in preparation for their inclusion in the program.

A memorandum of agreement is also being prepared to specify the commitments to be made under the program by both the SBMA and its partner-schools, Arreza said.

The program is also expected to build on the gains made by the Subic Bay Workforce Development Foundation Inc., a multisectoral body established by the SBMA to promote work-force development among public and private entities here, and the SBMA Scholarship Foundation, which has been tasked to formulate the program’s guidelines and policies.

The SBMA decided to grant the lease-free privileges to Subic schools after the agency’s board of directors approved in January a program calling for a more globally competitive work force in the Subic Bay free port.

Beatrix Anagaran, head of the SBMA General Business and Investment Department, said the program to produce a globally competitive work force sprung from a strategic planning session held by the SBMA in October, when Arreza took note of the “very sad statistics of Philippine education.”

Anagaran said Arreza then directed her department to come up with a study on Subic’s educational institutions, while emphasizing the role SBMA has to play in the advancement of education within the Subic Bay area and the neighboring communities of Olongapo, Zambales and Bataan. Written by Henry Empeño - businessmirror.com.ph

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 12 Job Fair A Success

Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. has acknowledged the success of the recently concluded job fair held last June 12 during the Independence Day and Cityhood celebration.

The job fair was launched by the Public Employment Services Office (PESO) together with the Office of the City Mayor. Ten (10) local companies and ten (10) overseas companies participated in said job fair. The PESO office also reported that there were a total of 786 applicants, 70% of whom were Olongapo residents and the remaining 30% came from neighboring towns in Zambales, Bataan and Pampanga provinces. “There were 506 qualified applicants as reflected on the initial screening and we are happy to announce that there were 15 applicants who were hired on the spot for local employment.” Ms. Evelyn Delos Santos, PESO manager said.

“Under this administration, everybody is given fair and ample chance to apply and look for a job. There are many jobs out there, maybe not as many as the applicants we have but at least through the job fairs under the HELPS program, we can help and point them to the right direction” Mayor James Gordon Jr. said during the weekly flag ceremony. “ To those who are looking for a job, may it be here or abroad, my advice is just try and try and I am sure one of these days you’ll get what you are working hard for and do not stop striving for excellence”, added Mayor Gordon.

Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. asssist job applicants at the June 12 job fair where representatives of participating companies receive their applications.

Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. looks on as Kagawad Edwin Piano explains
the process of using the job-matching machine during the June 12 job fair.

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In his desire to systematize and fortify the distribution and flow of electricity in Olongapo, Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. has directed the Public Utilities Department under the leadership of PUD Manager, Engr. Luisito Lopez to continue the installation of transformers to the different barangays in the city.

‘’Wala na dapat pang madilim na tahanan sa Olongapo kaya patuloy kung tinututukan ang PUD na magsagawa ng pagsasa-ayos at pagdaragdag ng mga transformers upang mapalakas ang boltahe ng kuryente,’’ said Mayor Bong Gordon.

In an accomplishment report by Engr. Lopez submitted at the Mayor’s Office, one hundred percent (100%) of the extension of primary lines and transformer installations were completed in 12th Street near Rodriguez St., Brgy. New Kalalake and the replacement of overloaded transformers from 50kva to 75kva at Brgy. Barretto.

Residents from Sampaguita St. corner Maganda St. were happy with the primary line extensions and transformer installations in their area. ‘’Additional transformer na rin ang nailagay sa Mayumi St., Brgy. Sta Rita, this is to reduce the load on the 100kva transformer sa nasabing lugar. Sa 1504 Jolo St. Tabacuhan, Sta Rita ay nagawan na rin ng paraan ang kanilang transformer na may oil leak kaya maayos na rin iyon,’’ Engr. Lopez explained.

The request for streetlight fixtures from residents of Purok-13 and Purok-5 Rizal St., Brgy Barretto was immediately acted upon by the PUD. In fact, eight (8) streetlights were installed at Purok-13 and four (4) were installed at Purok-5 respectively.

Some deteriorated secondary lines were also rebuilt to sturdier concrete poles at B-3 Mayumi St. and Pagal St. while a 100kva transformer at Mayumi St. cor. J.P. Rizal St., Sta. Rita was replaced.

With the utmost support Mayor Gordon, the PUD is continuously rebuilding, replacing and repairing primary and secondary lines, installing transformers, concrete poles and streetlight fixtures to the different barangays to serve the people of Olongapo better.


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Canadian Experts who helped Olongapo received award

as Volunteer award presented to City of Windsor


The City of Windsor has won a volunteer award for helping a community in the Philippines.

The 2010 award for outstanding international volunteer contributions was given by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities at a recent conference in Toronto. The award goes to the city but it was city planning policy manager Michael Cooke and Essex Region Conservation Authority source water protection director Stan Taylor who gave up vacation time to work in the Philippines.
"They're so highly regarded over there the two were named honorary sons," said Coun. Percy Hatfield, who serves on the board of directors for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and also went to the Philippines.

Cooke said the exchanges started in 2005 with members of Olongapo, Philippines, coming to Windsor. Cooke and Taylor made six trips to the Philippines over the past few years.

Cooke said he helped with planning the city which has more than 200,000 residents and is west of Manilla.

Taylor worked on flood control to deal with heavy rains in July and August.

The federation pays for travel and accommodations for the exchanges.


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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. as he officiates the wedding of Reynaldo Paña and Sheila Marie Sismaet last June 11, 2010 at the Mayor’s extension office at Admiral Bldg, Olongapo City.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. has recognized the talents and skills in boxing of Olongapenos who won at the recently concluded 2010 PLDT ABAP Luzon Area Amateur Boxing Championships held at SBMA Gym at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ).

‘’Muli na namang nangibabaw ang galing ng mga taga-Olongapo at nagpapakita ito na kahit saan mang larangan ay angat tayo kaya always keep it up,’’ said Mayor Bong Gordon at the flag raising ceremonies on June 7, 2010 at the Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center.

Leonard Guevarra and Carlo John Espartero won Gold Medals, Raymond Perez, Jan Mark Pajareto and Reggie Roque were Silver Medalists while Melchor Perez and Jaymark Sanchez took home the Bronze Medal. The proud coach/trainer behind these talented boxers is Arsenio Perez, Jr.

‘’Patuloy pang magsasanay ang Olongapo ng mga atleta na maaari nating isabak sa ibat-ibang sports. Isang paraan ang sports upang ang mga kabataan ay malayo sa ipinagbabawal na gamot kinakailangan rin na suportahan ng mga magulang ang mga anak upang maging tuloy-tuloy ang kanilang pagkahilig sa sports,’’ said City Sports Coordinator Angie Layug.

The field Sports is one of the many priorities Mayor Gordon is focusing on in his HELPS Program.

Mayor Bong Gordon poses with the winners of the recently held 2010 PLDT ABAP Luzon Amateur Boxing Tournament at Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ). Also in the picture are Vice Mayor Cynthia Cajudo, City Councilors Gina Perez, Ellen Dabu and Ed Piano.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mayor Bong Gordon Acknowledges Winners of Palarong Pambansa 2010

“Ang ating kabataan ang pag-asa ng ating bayan. Ngayon pa lamang ay dapat na natin silang suportahan sa mga gawaing maghuhubog at magbibigay sa kanila ng kagalingan hindi lamang sa kanilang pag-iisip kung hindi pati na rin sa kanilang pangagatawan.” Mayor Gordon said during the flag raising ceremony.

Thousands of athletes coming from all regions of the country participated in the said national event, competing in archery, arnis, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, chess, football, gymnastics, sepak takraw, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis and volleyball.

Olongapeno winners include Janna Dominique Oliva of SPED-G who won gold medals in taekwondo poomsae and taekwondo kyorugi. She was also awarded taekwondo Most Valuable Player (MVP) under the girls elementary division. Helena Teope of Olongapo City Elementary School (OCES) bagged the gold medal in the 100m swimming /breaststroke and silver medal in 50M swimming breaststroke.

A gold medal in lawn tennis/single was won by Jurence Zosimo Mendoza of Olongapo City National High School (OCNHS). Cyprus John Bermillo of Saint Joseph College (SJC) high school won the silver medal in gymnastics. Bernard Kristoff Florencio of SJC elem. department got silver medals in both 4x50m swimming medley relay and 50m swimming breaststroke. Roshel Camero of Gordon Heights 1 Elem. School, Joel Zita of Kalalake National HS and Judith Pineda of OCNHS all won the bronze medal in girls volleyball, arnis full contact, and Chess girls section respectively.

All athletes will also receive cash incentives, according to Mayor Bong Gordon

Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr., is all praises for the Olongapeno winners at the recently concluded Palarong Pambansa 2010 held at San Jose, Tarlac.

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MAYOR GORDON: ‘’Mga School Canteens Dapat I-monitor’’

One of the priority health projects of the city under the leadership of Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. is the continued implementation of the “Asin Law” in Olongapo. This Asin Law aims to promote the daily use of Iodized Salt in the food that we eat.

‘’Garbage-in, Garbage-out, kung malusog ang kinakain ng mga bata ay malusog rin ang kanilang pag-iisip kaya mahalaga na ang mga nabibiling pagkain sa ‘school canteen’ ay masustansya rin at tama,’’ said Mayor Bong Gordon.

In this regard, Mayor Gordon has directed City Nutritionist Richel Eve Torralba and City Health Officer Arnie Tamayo to monitor school canteens and cafeteria in Olongapo. The monitoring is timely since school opening will officially start on June 15, 2010.

The City Health Office (CHO) will go around the city to visit canteens in different private and public elementary and high schools for close monitoring. CHO will also provide information and health benefits in using Iodized Salt in food.

CHO will also monitor the cleanliness and sanitation of the school canteens where food preparations take place. This is to ensure that what the students buy in school canteens is prepared properly in a clean and orderly place.

Bakeries and local entrepreneurs in the food processing business are also encouraged to use ‘fortified ingredients’ like iodized salt, fortified flour, cooking oil and other ingredients with ‘Sangkap Pinoy’ seal by the the Department of Health (DOH).

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Gordon College Offers Graduate Studies

Gordon College Institute of Graduate Studies is on it’s 3rd consecutive year in offering graduate courses in Nursing (MAN), Education (MAEd), Business Management (MBA) at Public Administration (MPA).

These programs were first offered in the SY 2008-2009 with forty-three (43) enrollees. By the end of SY 2010, there were ninety-seven (97) enrolled, more than double the maiden registration. This is a testament to GC being recognized as a credible institution that can provide quality education.

Prof. Eder Magsayo, spokesperson of GCIGS disclosed that last April, there were three (3) who already graduated as Masters in Business Administration, seven (7) graduated Masters in Nursing, and three (3) graduated as Masters in Business Management. These courses run under a trimester enrollment program, Prof. Magsayo added.

The education program under the HELPS project of Mayor Bong Gordon, through Gordon College and other public schools of Olongapo City, is geared to provide quality education not only from elementary to college but even for post graduate students who wish to enhance and further their acquired knowledge.

Schedules of enrollment are as follows: 1st trimester (June 5-Sept. 25, 2010), enrollment: May 25-June 5, 2010, 2nd trimester (Oct 2, 2010-Jan.29, 2011), enrollment: Sept. 25-Oct, 2010), 3rd trimester (Feb.6-May 31, 2011),enrollment: jan. 29-Feb. 5, 2011.

Application forms are available at the Admission Office or IGS office of GCIGS located at Old Hospital Road, East Tapinac, Olongapo City with contact numbers 224 2089 local 106 or 115.

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Reminders from Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr.

Mayor Gordon has reminded all city government offices, including the local police to make the necessary arrangements and take precautionary measures in connection with the school opening and the coming rainy season.

“Nagbukas na naman ang eskwelahan, dagsa na naman ang mga bata sa lansangan kaya’t dapat na lalong maging masipag ang ating mga traffic enforcers sa pag alalay sa mga batang tumatawid sa ating mga lansangan,” paalala ni Mayor Gordon sa Office of Traffic Management and Public Safety (OTMPS). “ Isa pa ring dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ay ang paglalagay ng karagdagang safety measures sa kagagawa pa lamang na overpass walkway sa harap ng Olongapo City Elementary School (OCES) bago ito tuluyang buksan at gamitin ng ating mga mamamayan, lalo na ng mga mag-aaral, upang masigurong hindi ito pagmumulan ng mga aksidente” Mayor Gordon added.

Mayor Gordon also has ordered all Barangays and the Environmental Sanitation Management Office (ESMO) to continue their diligent effort in keeping the environment clean especially the canals, to help lessen or prevent the occurrence of flooding when the rainy season sets in. The citizens of Olongapo are also encouraged to help with this effort to keep the city clean and green. “Hangga’t maaari ay ayaw na nating maulit ang nangyaring mga pagbaha ng nakalipas na taon, kaya’t tayong lahat ay dapat maging responsable at sinupin natin ang sarili nating mga bakuran”, Mayor Gordon said in closing.

A traffic enforcer assist students cross the street at the opening of classes at Olongapo City National High School (OCNHS).

Students of the Olongapo City National High School (OCNHS) on the first day of SY 2010-2011

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Subic emerges as eco-sports haven

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT (PNA) – More than just being a popular travel destination and a sports hot spot in the country today, the Subic Bay Freeport is also emerging as a favorite center for environment-friendly sports activities.
Over the weekend, the Philippine Kayaking Series 2010 kicked off here with the 25-kilometer kayaking marathon from the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club in Morong, Bataan to this free port.

The marathon, as well as the five-kilometer novice race, was part of the two-day “Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Subic Bay” event.

Some 150 paddlers from the Philippines and other Asian countries joined the water sports event that also served as venue in promoting kayaking as a new sports challenge among local residents.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) deputy administrator for business Raul Marcelo described the event as an activity for sports-minded and environment-conscious people who wish to help in protecting the environment and saving planet Earth while indulging in their favorite sports.
“It was not just kayaking per se,” Marcelo said, pointing out that Subic was an ideal location for eco-friendly races like kayaking.

He said that kayaking participants and their friends enjoyed other activities like the eco-tour, mangrove planting, or watching the “Save the Pawikan” presentations that were held at Barangay Sabang, a fishing village in Morong.

Meanwhile, more than 200 motorists aboard 50 vehicles joined the “Just Go! Drive Philippines” tour-caravan in the Subic Freeport.

A project of the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DoT), the caravan showcased some of the best tourism destinations in the country.

The Subic attractions visited by the caravan included the Bat Kingdom, parts of the Subic Bay Protected Area and the Central Business District, as well as industrial landmarks like Subic’s new container terminals.

Portia Zabala, manager of the SBMA Tourism Department, said that being listed in the itinerary of the DOT project meant that Subic has been considered as one of the best tourism attractions in the country today

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Aboitiz Power to bid for Olongapo utility

Aboitiz Power Corp. is pushing through with plans to bid for the Olongapo public utilities department, which will be auctioned next week.
The listed firm said bidding for the Olongapo public utilities department is a part of its expansion plans. "The move is part of the company’s continued expansion of its [power] distribution business," Aboitiz Power vice-president for energy Luis Miguel O. Aboitiz told reporters.

The bidding, which was supposed to take place last month, has been rescheduled to June 9.

The Olongapo public utilities department operates and maintains the electric, light and power systems of Olongapo City. In 2008, it sold 139 gigawatt-hours of electricity to 41,000 customers. Its average peak demand in 2008 stood at 28.6 megawatts (MW).

Aboitiz Power operates electric distribution utilities Visayan Electric Co., Inc., Davao Light and Power Corp., Cotabato Light and Power Corp., Subic Enerzone Corp., Mactan Enerzone Corp., and San Fernando Electric Light and Power Co., Inc.

Visayan Electric and Davao Light are part of the third group of private distribution utilities expected to implement a performance-based rate scheme, which provides incentives and penalties for performing and non-performing utilities. San Fernando Electric and Subic Enerzone are part of the fourth batch of utilities scheduled to implement the performance-based rate scheme.

Aboitiz Power earned P7 billion in profits in the first quarter, up by 1,334% year-on-year.

Last year, Aboitiz Power bagged the Tiwi-Makban geothermal plants, two 100-MW bunker-fired power barges, and the Independent Power Producer Administrator contract for the 700-MW Pagbilao coal-fired plant. bworldonline.com

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Philippine Independence Day and Olongapo Cityhood Anniversary Celebration

Olongapo will jointly celebrate the 112th Philippine Independence Day and the 44th Anniversary of the Cityhood of Olongapo at the Rizal Triangle Covered Court on June 12, 2010.

The raising of the flag by Mayor James Gordon Jr. together with, Vice Mayor Cynthia Cajudo, Vice Governor Anne Marie Gordon, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Administrator Armand Arreza and Olongapo City officials will kick off the celebration. The morning program will also include rendition of the Lupang Hinirang by the Olongapo City Brass Band, Doxology and musical renditions from the Olongapo City Youth Choir, a floral offering to the Rizal Monument, and messages from Mayor Gordon, Vice Gov. Anne Marie Gordon and SBMA Administrator Arreza.

The highlights of the afternoon celebration will be a job fair to be participated in by different companies both for local and overseas employment, a free livelihood training program in Dimsum Making and Meat Processing and a blood-letting program dubbed as Sandugo Para sa Kalayaan to be facilitated by the National Red Cross. These activities are a part and parcel of Mayor Gordon’s HELPS project under the employment, livelihood and health programs that are focused on helping the people to improve their health, find jobs that will give them the means to feed their families, raise their self esteem and standard of living and to acquire different types of skills that they can use in applying for a job or to put up a small scale business.

“We want this years’ celebration to not just be about remembering the past but to give our people all the help they need to build a better future through our programs,” Mayor Gordon said in an interview.

A free tour of the Olongapo City Museum is also scheduled to run from 9 am to 5 pm to give the people a historical view of the proud history of Olongapo City. Pao/sfr

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Olongapo's Dredging operation in full swing

Simultaneous dreging operation is being undertaken at mouth of Kalaklan River and at the city's flood control gates in West Bajac-Bajac just beside Dayrit's Restaurant and a few meters from Kalaklan-Mabayuan Bridge.

Upon order of Mayor Bong Gordon, all barangays are concurrently declogging drainages in their respective areas of responsibilities to ensure that the city is ready for the onslaught of rainwater expected to come anytime soon.
See videos below for a report by Councilor Ed Piano on the said operations:

In only a short span of time, some 7, 200 cubic meters of silt and sand have already been removed from the mouth of Kalaklan River and near the East Baja-Bajac Flood Gate through the IMS Model 5012 Versi-Dredge. The US-made dredging machine was procured to deepen the rivers and channels in the city to prevent flooding, specially during the rainy season. PAO

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Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. took with great pride and pleasure the good news from Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region III Director Renato L. Brion that Barangay East Bajac-Bajac of Olongapo City has won the 2009 Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentive National Awards (LTIA) for Highly Urbanized Cities Category.

‘’Ang pagkakapanalo ng Brgy. East Bajac-Bajac ay hindi lamang panalo ng iisang barangay kundi ito ay panalo ng buong Olongapo. It’s getting to be a good habit,’’ enthused Mayor Bong Gordon.

Mayor Gordon, together with Olongapo First Lady and Zambales Vice Gov. Anne Gordon and East Bajac-Bajac Brgy. Capt. and Lupon Chairwoman Filipina A. Tablan, will personally accept the award and cash incentive on June 16, 2010 at the Rizal Hall, Malacanang.

It can be recalled that on January 2010, Brgy. East Bajac-Bajac has accepted the LTIA Regional Award at the LTIA Regional Office in Maimpis, San Fernando, Pampanga which paved the way for our very own barangay to represent Olongapo City in the national level.

‘’Last time ay ang Barangay Baretto na naging Hall of Famer pa ang nanalo na sinundan ng Brgy. East Tapinac at ngayon ay ang Brgy. East Bajac-Bajac na sana ay maging Hall of Famer rin sa buong bansa at maging ang iba pang mga barangay sa lungsod ay sumunod na rin na makatanggap ng LTIA award,’’ Mayor Bong Gordon said.

The LTIA awards committee based the selection of the winner by efficiency in operations, effectiveness in implementing justice at the barangay level and how fast the barangay process can resolve neighborhood disputes fairly.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

$1-b Subic resort cleared

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT—A Korean property developer has obtained the go-signal of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority to develop a $1-billion resort complex in a 615-hectare beach front property between the free port and Morong town. Construction will start next month.

M Castle chairman Sang Soo Shin said shortly after signing a contract with SBMA administrator Armand Arreza that the project would change the landscape of Subic and adjacent areas in Morong, Bataan province.

Authorities said M Castle is known for eco-friendly tourism-related projects after the successful opening of several world-class island resorts and health spas in different scenic locations in Korea.

The Subic project includes the development of beach and forest condominiums, villas, a five-star hotel with 2,400 rooms, a 36-hole golf course, marina club, medical center for oriental and western medicine, water park, shopping mall and an English-language learning house.

Joining the signing ceremony were SBMA senior deputy administrator Stefani Sano and M Castle chief financial officer Ho Gyeong Kim, vice chairman Sang Gon Kim and SBMA director Amando Lagdameo Jr.

“These will be major employment-boosters,” Arreza said. “Aside from the jobs that would be directly created by these projects, there will be thousands of employment opportunities to be generated downstream.”

Arreza said investor confidence, especially of Korean companies, in the Subic Bay Freeport would help double the number of workers here in just two years.

Shin said his group would need around 7,000 workers to build the luxury resort.

Shin said that the company aimed to duplicate its successful projects in Korea in Subic and draw both local and foreign tourists.

M Castle’s first successful project was the Ocean Castle in Anmyeondo in Korea, which showcases the well-preserved beauty of the island resort.

Anmyeondo is a scenic island located on the west coast of South Korea. The island is known for its spectacular beaches and Anmyeondo stretches over 232.5 kilometers long.

M Castle opened in July 2005 the Duksan Spa Castle, a world-class spa resort. Stretched over 18 acres of tropical landscapes, Duksan Spa Castle is an all-inclusive natural hideaway with first-class service and hospitality. by Cecille Garcia - manilastandardtoday.com

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ObTech, Subic Water sign SAP implementation program

Subic Water and Sewerage Company Inc. announced recently that it had signed up with ObTech Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Philippines, to implement SAP Business One – a single integrated business management application for small businesses - in an effort to streamline its business operations and processes.

Edna Canlas, general manager of Subic Water, said they chose ObTech as implementation partner mainly because of the cost effectiveness it offers. ObTech was also able to show that it has the breadth and scalability to handle the complex requirements of Subic Water’s information technology operations on account of its wider expertise and better efficiency compared to the competition.

With the SAP Business One in place, Canlas believes Subic Water will soon be able to offer more accurate water billing and take advantage of better real-time collaborative information. The new system is also expected to lead to more efficient project costing and improved customer service.

ObTech has implemented SAP solutions for various customers in the Asia Pacific region. ObTech is especially experienced in working with companies inHi-Tech and Manufacturing, Engineering, Wholesale and Distribution, Industrial Machinery & Components, and Consumer Products and Goods industries. As a regional company, ObTech is well equipped to help customers rollout their SAP implementation to their overseas subsidiaries or affiliates. This is crucial as ObTech needs to ensure that customers are able to standardize their global business processes on a common platform and benefit from more cost-efficient support and maintenance.

Raymond Chu, country manager of ObTech Philippines, noted that through ObTech’s global resource exposure, his company is able to deploy experienced consultants who are familiar with the industry any particular customer is in. Furthermore, with SAP-certified solution templates and proven implementation methodology developed by ObTech, it is able to allow companies to have faster return on investment and operate more effectively and efficiently.

Michael Lim, ObTech Asia Pacific Pte Ltd group chief operating officer, said customers will get all-out support for their applications. He added that customers are assured of quality support and services when working with ObTech, it being a subsidiary of Japanese technology giant NEC.

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Philippine Independence Day and Olongapo Cityhood Anniversary Celebration

Olongapo will jointly celebrate the 112th Philippine Independence Day and the 44th Anniversary of the Cityhood of Olongapo at the Rizal Triangle Covered Court on June 12, 2010.

The raising of the flag by Mayor James Gordon Jr. together with, Vice Mayor Cynthia Cajudo, Vice Governor Anne Marie Gordon, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Administrator Armand Arreza and Olongapo City officials will kick off the celebration. The morning program will also include rendition of the Lupang Hinirang by the Olongapo City Brass Band, Doxology and musical renditions from the Olongapo City Youth Choir, a floral offering to the Rizal Monument, and messages from Mayor Gordon, Vice Gov. Anne Marie Gordon and SBMA Administrator Arreza.

The highlights of the afternoon celebration will be a job fair to be participated in by different companies both for local and overseas employment, a free livelihood training program in Dimsum Making and Meat Processing and a blood-letting program dubbed as Sandugo Para sa Kalayaan to be facilitated by the National Red Cross. These activities are a part and parcel of Mayor Gordon’s HELPS project under the employment, livelihood and health programs that are focused on helping the people to improve their health, find jobs that will give them the means to feed their families, raise their self esteem and standard of living and to acquire different types of skills that they can use in applying for a job or to put up a small scale business.

“We want this years’ celebration to not just be about remembering the past but to give our people all the help they need to build a better future through our programs,” Mayor Gordon said in an interview.

A free tour of the Olongapo City Museum is also scheduled to run from 9 am to 5 pm to give the people a historical view of the proud history of Olongapo City.

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Under the leadership of Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr., the free Livelihood Training is still ongoing and growing strong further for Olongapo City residents who are interested and eager to learn to make a living.

‘’Dalawang klase ang trabaho, ang una ay sa pamamagitan ng pag-eempleyo o pamamasukan at ang pangalawa naman ay ang self-employment o mismong ikaw ang nagpapa-takbo ng iyong sariling negosyo at iyan ang mas maganda dahil ikaw ang boss ng iyong sariling negosyo at walang amo,’’ said Mayor Bong Gordon.

Free livelihood trainings are conducted continuously in Olongapo administered by the city local government through Mayor Gordon’s HELPS Program. ‘’Dapat rin nating tandaan na ang Livelihood ay isa sa mga programang kabilang sa HELPS program ng aking administrasyon kaya dapat nating tutukan iyan,’’ Mayor Gordon added.

The following is the list of livelihood training schedule for the whole month of June given by the lead agency of the program, the Livelihood Cooperative Development Office (LCDO):

June 7 & 8 - Meat Processing
June 10 & 11 - Chinese Dimsum
June 14 to 25 - 10 days Whole Body Massage
June 16 - Chocolate Candies Making
June 22 & 23 - Sweet Pastries
June 29 & 30 - Squash Based Products

In September 2009, the Livelihood and Training Center at Ohio St., Brgy. Kalaklan formally opened. The construction of the tw0 (2) story training center is proof of Mayor Bong Gordon and First Lady Anne Gordon’s pursuit to give Olongapeños a better training environment and, at the same time, a place that can accommodate more trainees for the program.

Since the livelihood training started in 2005 up to the present, over eight thousand (8,000) trainees have graduated from the program and a lot of those graduates have started their own little businesses and projects from which they earn a living.

For those who are interested to join the aforementioned livelihood trainings, visit the LCDO or the Livelihood Training Center at Ohio St., Brgy. Kalaklan or call tel. Nos. 222-5401 loc. 4123 for more details.

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